2% foreign currency rebate
Citi Cash Back Card is a cash rebate card, offering 2% rebate for dining in hotels and restaurants, plus 1% for other local spending. Besides, bind this card with e-wallets such as PayMe, AlipayHK, and WeChat Pay to earn 1% rebate. With this card, cardholders can earn rebates at no cost with e-wallets.
Minimum Income Requirements
Cash back on local spend
Cash back on overseas spend
MoneySmart Exclusive
【MoneySmart Exclusive!】From now until 31 July, upon successful application of designated Citi Credit Cards via MoneySmart and eligible spending of HK$8,000 after card issuance, new customers can enjoy $1,600 cash rebate!
Valid until 31 Jul 2024 - See more details below

Are you eligible?

    • Customers (“Eligible Cardholders”) must submit the application form through MoneySmart during the Promotional Period and successfully apply for a principal card of Citi Prestige Card, Citi PremierMiles Card, Citi Cash Back Card, Citi Rewards Mastercard, Citi Rewards UnionPay Credit Card , Citi Octopus Platinum Card, Citi HKTVmall Card or Citi The Club Credit Card (“Eligible Card”) issued by Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited (“Citibank”) and have their Eligible Card successfully approved by July 31, 2024. 
    • Unless otherwise specified, the Welcome Offers are not applicable to customers who currently hold, have cancelled or have held any principal card of Citi Credit Card within the past 12 months from the month of application for the Eligible Card (“New Customer”). 
    • Students are not eligible for this credit card promotion. All student applicants are only eligible to enjoy the designated Citi Student Credit Card welcome offer. 

What you need to know

  1. Each Eligible Cardholder is entitled to one welcome offer only (Except for applicants of Citi Prestige Card). 
  2. Eligible Cardholders are entitled to the following welcome offer upon successful physical card activation within a month since from the date of card issuance and fulfilling the below relevant reward condition (“Welcome Offer”): 

    Welcome Offers  |  Reward Conditions/Spending Conditions
     HK$1,600 Cash Rebate  |  Accumulate spending of HK$8,000 or above within first 3 months# from the date of card issuance which include at least 1 eligible transaction each month 

    # For example, when the Eligible Card issue date of a New Customer is on June 16, 2024, then the first month is from June 16 to July 15, 2024; the second month is from July 16 to August 15, 2024; the third month is from August 16 to September 15, 2024. 

  3. Cash Rebate: will be credited to Eligible Cardholders’ card account within 5 calendar months upon the month of meeting the reward conditions/spending conditions. 

Quick Facts

Get the maximum value by

focusing on dining and hotel spending category

Good for

frequent hotel diners who don't want to remember specific spending categories

Categories to maximise this card

local dining, hotel and foreign currency spending

What people use it for

local dining, hotel and foreign currency spending and digital wallet top-up

Get if

you are a frequent diner at hotels but don't want to remember the specific spending categories for the highest rebates

All Details

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Citi Cash Back Card Key Features

FeaturesCiti Cash Back Credit Card
Min. Annual SalaryHK$120,000
Annual FeeHK$1,800 (First-year annual fee waiver)
Cash Rebate Rate
  • Local Spending: 2%
  • Overseas Spending: 2%

Citi Cash Back Card Pros and Cons

Citi Cash Back Card Pros

With Citi Cash Back Card, you can enjoy unlimited 2% rebate for local dining, hotel spending and overseas transactions. What’s more, you can also enjoy earning welcome reward on e-wallet as it offers 1% rebate on e-wallet transaction (PayMe, WeChat Pay, AliPay and Octopus).

Citi Cash Back Card Pros Cons

Citi Cash Back only offers cash rebates but not Miles. Also, you only get 1% cash rebate on other eligible spending in local currency other than local dining and hotel spending, which is not particularly attractive.

Citi Cash Back Mastercard Welcome Offers

Items Citi Cash Back Mastercard Welcome Offers Details
Welcome Offers
  • Coca-Cola Air Fryer OR
  • HK$700 Cash Rebate OR
  • HK$800 Genki Sushi Gift Voucher
Reward Conditions Accumulate spending of HK$8,000 or more within the first 2 months from the date of card issuance
Promotion Period From now until 31st October, 2021

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Citi Cash Back Rebate Rate

Payment MethodRebate Rate
Overseas Transactions2%
Octopus AAVS1%

Citi Cash Back Card vs Other Cashback Cards

Cash Back Card Rebate Local Spending Overseas Spending Dining
Citi Cash Back 2% 2% 2%
Standard Chartered Smart Card 5%* / /
WeWa UnionPay Card 4% / /
*Eligible transactions made at selected merchants can earn HK$1 for every HK$20 spending (5% cash rebate).

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Citi Cash Back vs Citi Rewards Card

Both Citi Cash Back and Citi Rewards Card have a minimum salary requirement of HK$120,000. With Citi Rewards Card, cardholders can earn points that never expire and redeem the points for designated cash coupons, movie tickets and air miles at Citi ThankYou Rewards online or you can choose to offset your spending anytime.

Both Cards offer up to 2% cash rebate but conditions apply. For Citi Rewards, it only applies to contactless transactions(Apple Pay/Google Pay/Samsung Pay/PayPass/) without spending categories limitation. With Citi Cash Back, it only applies to local dining, hotel spending and overseas transactions.

Citi Rewards Card doesn’t offer cash rebates for foreign transactions. If you are a frequent traveler using credit cards for your overseas transactions, Citi Cash Back Card is a better option.

Citi Cash Back vs Standard Chartered Simply Cash Card

Citi Cash Back and Standard Chartered Simply Cash Card also offer unlimited 2% cash back on overseas spend. However, Standard Chartered Simply Cash Card offers a higher rebate rate of 1.5% (VS 1%) for local spend, including online shopping and Octopus AAVS. What’s more, Simply Cash Card Cardholders can enjoy an annual fee waiver if you are a Payroll account client, Priority Banking, Premium Banking clients meeting the relevant minimum balance requirement.

Citi Cash Back Ineligible Transactions include:

  1. Cash advances, fees and charges, withdrawal amount under the Balance Transfer Program, Cash Conversion Program, Citi Credit Card "Quick Cash" Installment Program, “FlexiBill” Installment Program, “PayLite” Installment Program, payment to the Inland Revenue Department
  2. Casino transactions
  3. Online bill payment, dynamic currency conversion transactions, transactions through Faster Payment System (FPS) Service, and unposted/canceled/refunded transactions


What is the annual fee of Citi Cash Back Card? Can it be waived?

The annual fee of Citi Cash Back Card is HK$1,800 and you can enjoy the first-year waiver. You can also get your annual fee waived by applying an annual fee waiver request through Citibank hotline at 2860 0333.

Can students apply for Citi Cash Back Card?

No. But students can apply for Citi Rewards Card or Citi Octopus Platinum Card.

Is there any overseas handling fee for overseas transactions if I use Citi Cash Back Card overseas?

Yes, you will be charged overseas handling fee which is 1.95% for every foreign currency transaction.