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Updated January 2020

Looking for the best tax loans in Hong Kong? MoneySmart compares different loan plans from Standard Chartered with confidence.

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Tax Season’s Standard Chartered Personal Instalment Loan




Total Amount Payable


Total Interest Payable


Monthly Payment
  • Online Offer up to HK$300 Cash Coupon

Key Features

APR as low as 1.98% with 0% handling fee
Loan amount: Up to HKD2,500,000 or 18x salary (whichever is lower)
Up to HK$300 Cash Coupon

Repayment Summary

Principal Loan AmountHK$100,000
Total Interest PayableHK$1,066
Total Amount PayableHK$101,066
Annual Percentage Rate1.98%
Monthly PaymentHK$8,422
Repayment Period12 months

The APR includes the basic interest rate, as well as any other fees and charges (i.e.: Handling Fee) so that it reflects the actual total cost of borrowing. The actual APR applicable may differ, please check with the provider to confirm your final APR based on your loan.

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Standard Chartered Tax Loan 2019

Standard Chartered Tax Loan PlanTax Loan Plan FeatureAnnualised Percentage Rate (APR)
Standard Chartered Personal Instalment LoanEnjoy up to HK$2,000 cash couponAs low as 1.998%

Standard Chartered Tax Loan Plan VS Average Standard Chartered Personal Loan

Standard Chartered Personal Instalment Loan (i.e. Standard Chartered Tax Loan Plan) is a special loan product launched only for a limited period of time during the year with a lower interest rate compared to the average Standard Chartered personal loan. Some clients may be under the impression that tax loan can only be used to pay tax, which is not true. Although tax loan is primarily designed for paying off tax, the purpose of its use is not restricted.

Why Standard Chartered Personal Instalment Loan?

Standard Chartered tax loan is characterized by as low as 1.98% APR, up to HK$2,000,000/ 18x salary and a 7-day cooling period during which clients enjoy early redemption fees and changes waiver. For online application, applicants can enjoy up to HK$2,000 cash coupons. The applicant can choose a repayment period between 12 months to 60 months. If the application is submitted before noon, the case will be processed on the same day.

Standard Chartered Personal Instalment Loan Promotion

Upon successful application and withdrawal of a Standard Chartered Personal Instalment Loan online on or before 9 Feb 2020 and enjoy up to HK$2,000 cash coupon. The exact amount customers can get depends on the loan amount. If the loan amount drawn is between HK$50,000 - $199,999, customers can get HK$500 cash coupons. If the loan amount drawn is between HK$200,000 or above, customers will get HK$2,000 cash coupons.

How To Apply?

To enjoy exclusive offers, it is best to apply through MoneySmart. Apply through MoneySmart on and before 9 Feb 2020 and enjoy up to HK$2,000 cash voucher and up to HK$5,000 voucher. If you successfully apply for Standard Chartered Personal Instalment Loan via MoneySmart and withdraw the loan amount, you can enjoy up to HK$5,000 supermarket voucher. The exact amount customers can enjoy depends on the loan size. If the loan amount is between HK$100,000 to HK$199,999, you can receive HK$1,000 supermarket voucher. If the loan amount is between HK$200,000 to HK$499,999, you can receive HK$3,000 supermarket voucher. If the loan amount is between HK$500,000 to HK$999,999, you can receive HK$4,000 supermarket voucher. If the loan amount is HK$1,000,000 or above, you can receive HK$5,000 supermarket voucher.

Standard Chartered Tax Loan Frequently Asked Questions

What is Standard Chartered personal loan hotline?

If you have any enquiries relating to Standard Chartered personal loan, you can call Standard Chartered personal loan hotline at +852 34081826.

How to enjoy the advertised Annualised Percentage Rate?

The Annualised Percentage Rate is as low as 1.98% for clients with loan amount of HK$200,000 or above and a repayment period of 12 months. This offer is only applicable to non-Standard Chartered Credit Cards holders at the time of application.

Who can apply for Standard Chartered Tax Loan?

Any Hong Kong resident aged 20 or above with an annual income of HK$96,000 or above can apply for Standard Chartered Tax Loan.

What documents are required for applying for Standard Chartered Tax Loan?

Applicants are required to submit proof of identity (e.g. Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card), proof of residential address (e.g. utility bills/ bank statement, etc), and proof of income (e.g. the latest 1-month salary slip/ current salaries tax demand note, etc.).

What are the fees involved when applying for Standard Chartered Tax Loan?

Standard Chartered does not charge for a handling fee for personal instalment loans. However, you will be charged a late repayment fee or an early settlement fee if you fail to keep up the payment or pay off the debt in full earlier than the agreed dates.