Best Travel Insurance for Flight Delays and Cancellations

Travel Insurance becomes more important than ever when travelling under the pandemic, as travellers need to be prepared for any sudden event. Flight Delays and cancellation becomes more common, and Travel Insurance helps you get covered for these situations. What are the best Travel Insurance for Flight delays and cancellations? Which travel insurance offer Covid-19 coverage? MoneySmart has got you covered!

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Which travel insurance is the best for flight delays and cancellations coverage?

High Flight Delay Protection

Travel Delay coverage up to HK$3,000, with daily cash benefit if diagnosed with Covid-19.

For every 6 hours of delay, HK$300 will be paid as compensation, capped at HK$3,500 for flight delays.

High Trip Cancellation Protection

Unused travel and accommodation may be eligible for up to HK$50,000 trip cancellation cover (overseas local tour package or admission tickets to a major sporting event, concert tickets or theme park tickets included).

Up to HK$50,000 for trip cancellation. This plan also features up to HK$1,500,000 medical expenses coverage including in and outpatient treatments and provides cover amateur hazardous sports such as scuba diving with no height or depth limit.

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Things to look out for on travel insurance

Making a claim

Most travel insurance covers travel delay/ cancellation caused by adverse weather, natural disasters, strikes, etc. In order to make a claim, travellers need to request a flight delay report.

Delay for 6 hours or more

If you are delayed by six hours, you are entitled to HK$250-300 every six hours in compensation. Any delays under six hours are not covered.


Many standard travel insurance policies do not provide cover for airport closure, terrorist attacks, riot, etc. Most insurance policies cover adverse weather, natural disasters, travel alerts. It is important to check the coverage before purchasing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I buy travel insurance?

As soon as your flight and accommodation are booked, you should get your travel insurance right away to give you peace of mind. Your trip will be covered if anything goes wrong.

What is not covered in travel insurance?

It varies from provider to provider but in general, most insurance policies cover adverse weather, natural disasters, travel alerts. Many standard travel insurance policies do not provide cover for terrorist attacks.

How to make a claim?

You need to do so within 21-31 days after your trip. When making a claim, it is necessary to provide all supporting documents. If extra expenses incurred due to flight cancellation, please keep all receipts for any expenses you claim.