Best Robo Advisors Hong Kong 2024: Compare AI Investment Platforms

What is a robo advisor? Learn about AI investment robo advisor benefits, and compare how different robo advisors help you auto invest. Read More
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Huatai International Securities-Zhangle Global

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uSMART Securities


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SoFi Hong Kong Brokerage Account

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What are Robo Advisors?

Robo advisor is a smart investment platform - which differs from human investment advisors. It utilizes algorithms to analyze big data such as a client's investment goals and risk factors from cautious to adventurous in order to create investment objectives and provide long-term portfolio management.

Robo-advisors operate without much human intervention and will automatically build, manage, and optimize your assets based on the market condition. In addition to lowering costs and manpower involved compared to traditional advisors, investment decisions made by robo-advisors are more objective and rational.

Best Robo Advisors

Brand Minimum investment amountFeatures
  • No minimum balance, no lock-in & low fees
Huatai International SecuritiesUS$50
  • Provide personalized investment portfolios through Robo-advisory service
SoFi Hong KongHK$100
  • Start investing with as little as US$10 to own fractions of stocks and access robo advisory
WeLab GoWealth HK$100
  • Low investment barrier, with no lock-up period

Benefits of Intelligent Investing

24/7 Service

Unlike traditional investment advisors who provide one-on-one service with limited operating hours, Robo Advisors offer round-the-clock service to multiple clients simultaneously, so investors can access the service anytime, allowing them to respond to market trends and adjust their investment portfolios in real-time.

Lower Cost

Robo Advisors generally have lower fees compared to traditional investment advisors. With reduced operational costs, fees are more affordable, and the investment threshold can be as low as HK$1,000 with fees below 1%, although investment thresholds and fees vary depending on the service provider.

Time Saving

It takes much time and effort for investment advisors to predict the stock market. Robo advisors can achieve this quickly utilizing big data, helping investors formulate and optimize investment portfolios in order to build wealth.

Rational Investment Decisions

Personal investments can be influenced by individual biases, and investors may make erroneous judgments driven by emotions. In contrast, Robo Advisors make investment decisions and recommendations based on data analysis and investment analysis profiles, affected by personal emotions or market sentiment, resulting in more rational investment decisions.

Diversification of Investment Risks

Robo Advisors cover a range of asset classes with varying risk levels. They offer diversified investment options across multiple regions, helping investors diversify risks.

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Investment advice: Humans vs. Robo Advisor

CriteriaHuman Advisor Robot Advisor
Investment thresholdMore expensive As low as HK$1,000
Charge2% or higherLower than 1%
Applicable Financial Products Any Mainly ETF
Customized Investment Portfolio Somewhat customized Highly customised
Factors affecting investment decisionsData, experience, emotions, market sentiment, etc. Big data
Application In person Online
Operating HoursLimited (Office Hours)24 hours
Suitable forInvestors with large capital Investors with limited capital


What is Robo Advisors?

Robo-advisors use algorithms and automation to provide investment advice and help investors manage their portfolios.

Are robo-advisors a good investment?

Robo-advisors are generally considered as a convenient and cost-effective option for individuals who are looking for a hands-off approach to investing. They typically offer diversified portfolios, automated rebalancing, and low fees compared to traditional human advisors.

Is my money protected when investing in Robo Advisors?

As long as the robo advisory is provided with regulated and licensed financial institutions, your money is protected.

What is the average return on a robo-advisor?

It is advised to review the historical performance of the robo-advisor's portfolios and consider their long-term track record when assessing potential returns.