Enhanced Welcome Offer
The Platinum Card is the most prestigious American Express card besides the Black Card. Though the annual fee is HK$7,800, it comes with a wide range of privileges such as unlimited access to airport lounges, travel insurance , hotel membership. Also, you can access to Platinum Concierge Service which provide you with all-round deluxe hospitality living.
MoneySmart Exclusive Offer
HK$7.5=1 Mile
Miles Conversion (local spend)
Discount at designated restaurants
MoneySmart Exclusive

Successfully apply The Platinum Card now to get extra HK$2,000 supermarket voucher from MoneySmart & welcome offers valued up to HK$4,000 once spending at the first time in the first 3 months. From now until 30 September 2022, you can enjoy extra HK$1,000 once spending the first time in the first 3 months and up to 600,000 Membership Rewards points (which is equivalent to HK$2,000 cash vouchers/ to offset your purchases OR 40,000 air miles). On top of that, from now until 15 July 2022, earn extra 300,000 Membership Rewards points (equivalent to HK$1,000) upon first successful transaction in the first 3 months.

Valid until 15 Jul 2022 - See more details below

Are you eligible?

    • Extra HK$2,000 supermarket voucher are only applicable to Cardmember who has paid annual fee of The Platinum Card

    • American Express reserves the right to claw back the Welcome Offer or debit the original price of the Welcome Offers from the Eligible Card account without prior notice if the annual fee was waived and Welcome Offer was awarded

    • Your credit card application is approved and spending at the first time in the first 3 months

    • The welcome offers will not be eligible to those who holding the card within a year

    • Before the application through the MoneySmart, please first Turn off ad block; Clear the cookies; Don’t use incognito mode; Turn off the prevent cross-site tracking (Safari users) or Turn off do not track function (Chrome users)

    • After clicking MoneySmart’s designated link, please complete the application from asap; Do not open another web page.

What you need to know

  1. Receive bonus of 100,000 points plus welcome offer of 500,000 points, making a total of 600,000 Membership Rewards points which are enough to redeem HK$2,000 cash vouchers or to offset your purchase

  2. 【Limited Time welcome offer】Enjoy extra HK$1,000 once spending at the first time in the first 3 months.

  3. Get HK$2,000 Supermarket voucher from MoneySmart upon spending at the first time in the first 3 months

  4. For Basic Cardmembers who submit their Card applications online via dedicated URLs and all required valid documents within 7 working days from the date of application submission, and upon successful first transaction made with the Basic Card or Supplementary Card in the first 3 months of Basic Card approval, 300,000 Membership Rewards® points will be credited to the Basic Cardmember’s Membership Rewards Program Account.

  5. Customers must complete "My Financial Profile" and submit the redemption form and choose the gift option on or before 31 October, 2022

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Quick Facts

Get the maximum value by

overseas spending or air ticket purchases on specific website.

Good for

high-income frequent travellers who enjoy access to airport lounges

Categories to maximise this card

welcome offers and foreign transactions

What people use it for

foreign currency transactions and spending in Maxim's and Broadway Circuit

Get if

you are a frequent visitor to airport lounges and hotels group partnered with The Platinum Card.

All Details

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