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uSMART Securities

Minimum Commission - HK Stock


Minimum Commission - HK Stock
MoneySmart Exclusive
Commission Fee US Stocks
Minimum platform fee-HK Stock
Minimum Commission - HK Stock

New users who successfully open accounts via MoneySmart, first deposit HK$10,000 and retain for 30 days, and submit the reward claim to get the up to HK$9,999 rewards:

  • HK$400 Apple Store Gift Card / HK$500 PARKnSHOP E-vouchers/ HKTVmall E-vouchers HK$300 uSMART commission vouchers
  • Open an account enjoy US stock commission fee waiver + HK stocks real-time streaming quotes

Additional bonus up to HK$9,299:

  1. Reward of Subscription Fund 3% return*
  2. Stock Transfer up to HK$6,000 
  3. Team up to earn an extra $300 cash coupon each
  4. Professional Options courses (valued at HK$1,999)
    *Terms and Conditions apply.
Valid until 31 Jul 2024 - See more details below
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uSMART Securities Trading Fees

Financial Products Commission FeesPlatform Fee
HK Stock HK$12/ transaction (Max: 0.5% of transaction amount)HK$0
US Stock US$0US$0.005/share (Min: US$1.5/ transaction Max: 0.5% of transaction amount)
A Share 0.02% (Min: RMB¥5 /transaction)RMB¥12/ transaction

uSmart Securities Review - Is uSmart securities good for trading?

uSmart is a leading online brokerage firm that is characterized by its AI investment technology and competitive pricing. With one app, you can invest in HK, US stocks, A-shares, ETF, funds, etc. It only takes 3 steps for you to open a trading account. To help you understand uSmart better, MoneySmart has summarised its major features in the table below:

AI Investment

uSmart incorporates AI technology into their platform, providing customers with AI Smart Ranking and Investment Strategy, which enable users to keep up with the market trends and seize trading opportunities.

Wide Range of Financial Products

uSmart provides an array of financial products from HK stocks, US stocks, ETF, funds, warrants, etc. You can also set conditional order and monthly stocks savings plans.

Easy to Fund Your Account

Users can fund their trading accounts by FPS or e-DDA (Electronic Direct Debit Authorisation). With e-DDA, the money can be deposited in as quick as 5 minutes.

Streaming Quotes

Users can follow the market movement closely with streaming quotes and news, allowing users to trade in real-time with no delay.

Low-cost Trading

uSmart offers perpetual commission waiver for US Stock trading and a 90-day commission fee waiver for HK Stock.


uSmart is a fully licensed online brokerage firm with SFC type 1, 4 and 9 licenses. The core team is composed of former members of world-renowned technology giants and financial institutions including Goldman Sachs, UBS, Tencent, Alibaba, Microsoft and Yahoo!

uSMART - 4 Steps to Open an Account

The entire process can be completed online with a few simple steps without the need to show up in person. Details are as follows:

Step 1

Download uSMART App and register

Download uSmart App from Google Play/ App Store and start the registration process. You can register with a code sent to your phone number or with your Apple ID/Google/ /Facebook/Wechat account.

Step 2

Fill in the online application form with the required documents

Fill in the online form with basic information. Upon successful application, you are required to upload proof of identification and proof of residential address.

Step 3

Provide information on finance and occupation

Then, you need to provide information on finance and your occupation. You also need to read and agree with the "Client Agreement" and "Risk Disclosure Statement". Once you have submitted the required documents and fill out the information required, your account has been set up.

Step 4

Deposits Fund

Upon successful completion of the registration process, you can pay by eDDA or FPS. Once the payment is confirmed, you can start trading.

uSMART Securities FAQ

What is the requirement for opening a uSmart trading account?

As long as you are 18 years old or above and you are able to provide the required documents, including proof of ID and proof of residential address, you can open a uSmart trading account.

Is uSmart Securities safe to use?

Since uSMART is fully licensed, investors are protected under the Investor Compensation Fund ("ICF"). The limit of the compensation is HK$150,000.

Is there any minimum balance requirement for opening a USmart trading account?

No. There is no minimum deposit requirement. However, if you deposit HK$20,000 or above, you can enjoy two shares of Peijia Medical (09996.HK) and a month of professional investment for free during the promotion period.

How to verify my identity upon successful completion of account opening?

You can deposit at least HK$10,000 to uSmart via your bank account or book an appointment with USmart with all the required documents to verify your identity.