Saxo Brokerage Account Opening Offers and Review: exclusive HK$1,000 cash rewards

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Min. commission Fee HK Stocks


Min. commission Fee HK Stocks
Min. Commission Fee Japan Stocks
Min. Commission Fee US Stocks
Min. commission Fee HK Stocks
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Saxo Markets Review 2023 - Major Features Uncovered

Founded in 1992, Saxo Markets is an award-winning platform on which investors can access over 40,000 financial products with competitive prices. With extensive experience in global capital markets, it is trusted by 860,000+ clients and 120 partner banks. To stay on top of industry trends, it invests heavily in new technology. To help you quickly learn more about Saxo Markets, MoneySmart has put together a table summarizing its major features:

25 years+ Experience

Founded in 1992, Saxo Markets is a fully licensed and regulated bank with over 25 years of experience. It is trusted by 860,000+ clients and 120 partner banks.

Innovative Technology

Saxo Markets invests heavily in innovative technology with an aim to providing clients with institutional-grade execution and powerful features on the platform. With one account, clients can invest in both cash products and leveraged products.

Competitive Prices

Saxo Markets offers industry-leading entry prices, including competitive spreads from 0.4 pips and lower commissions across different asset classes to keep investment costs down.

24/5 Customer Support

All clients can access Saxo Markets 24-hour customer support for technical issues and account queries as long as the global markets are open.

Access 40,000 + Financial Products

With SaxoTraderGO and SaxoTraderPRO, investors can access 40,000 financial products worldwide from forex, CFDs, stocks, options, commodities, futures to bonds.

One-Stop-Shop Solution for Investment

Saxo Markets is a one-stop-shop solution for investment. It does not only provide a platform for investors to trade but it also provides daily insights, analysis and views across different global markets together with a series of courses, events and webinars for investors to learn at their own pace.

Saxo Trader - Different Account Tiers

There are 3 account tiers including classic, platinum and VIP. When you upgrade your trading tier, you enjoy tighter spreads and lower commissions:


  • Minium fundng:US $2,000 or equivalent
  • Competitive entry prices
  • 24/5 customer support
  • Platinum

  • Minium fundng:US $200,000 or equivalent
  • Up to 30% lower entry prices than the classic account
  • Priority customer support in local language
  • VIP

  • Minium fundng:US $1,000,000 or equivalent
  • Personal relationship manager in the local language
  • 24/5 direct access to trading experts
  • 1:1 SaxoStrats access
  • Exclusive invitations to events
  • Saxo Markets - Pricing Overview

    Financial Products Platinum Pricing VIP Pricing
    FXas low as 0.5 pipsas low as 0.4 pips
    Stocksas low as US $7as low as US $3
    Commodities as low as US $3/ lotas low as US $0.85/ lot
    Futures as low as US $3/ lotas low as US $0.85/ lot
    FX optionsas low as 4 pipsas low as 3 pips
    Listed options as low as US $2/ lotas low as US $0.85/ lot
    ETFsas low as US $7as low as US $3
    Bondsas low as 0.10% on govt. bondsas low as 0.05% on govt. bonds
    Mutual Funds US$ 0US$ 0

    Saxo Trader - 3 Steps to Open an Account

    It only takes 3 steps to open a Saxo Trader account online. Details are as follows:

    Step 1


    First, you need to fill out a form on Saxo Markets website with your personal particulars and complete a risk disclosure statement.

    Step 2

    Fund your Account

    Next, you need to fund your trading account with at least HK$10,000 by bank transfer or cheque. Then, you need to submit a proof of payment for the record.

    Step 3

    Start Trading

    Once the payment is confirmed, your account is ready for trading.

    Saxo Markets FAQ

    What is the requirement for opening a Saxo Markets trading account?

    You need to be at least 18 years old to be eligible for account opening. Also, you are required to provide basic information including your name, telephone number and address together with support documents e.g. proof of ID and proof of residential address.

    What will happen if Saxo Markets shuts down?

    Since Saxo Markets is fully licensed, investors will be protected under the Investor Compensation Fund ("ICF"). However, the compensation is capped at HK$150,000.

    Can members access Saxo Trader for free?

    You don’t need to pay for subscription fees in order to access SaxoTraderGO and SaxoTraderPro. However, some features like level 2 market data are only exclusive to paid members.