Allianz Travel Insurance 2024: Up to 40% off

Compare Allianz Travel single-trip and round trip travel insurance plans in Hong Kong on MoneySmart, including Allianz Travel's Gold, Silver and Bronze Plans! Get to know more about Allianz Travel's travel insurance coverage including COVID-19 coverage, medical expenses, personal accident, travel delay, personal liability benefit. Get quotes now and enjoy limited-time discount offers on MoneySmart! Read More
Traveling to Japan 15 Jun 2024 - 19 Jun 2024
We found 3 Allianz Travel Travel Insurances for you!
Allianz Travel - Silver Plan [for ages 0 to 54]



40% OffPremiumHK$166.07
MoneySmart Exclusive
Medical Expenses
Travel Cancellation
Loss/Damage of Baggage
PremiumHK$166.0740% Off

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Allianz Travel - Gold Plan [for ages 0 to 54]



40% OffPremiumHK$209.51
MoneySmart Exclusive
Medical Expenses
Travel Cancellation
Loss/Damage of Baggage
PremiumHK$209.5140% Off

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Allianz Travel - Bronze Plan [for ages 0 to 54]



40% OffPremiumHK$87.74
MoneySmart Exclusive
Medical Expenses
Travel Cancellation
Loss/Damage of Baggage
PremiumHK$87.7440% Off

【2024 "Let's Chill" Lucky draw】Over HK$50,000 gifts are Waiting For You! Included HK$15,000 valued Club Med Travel Vouchers, HK$10,898 Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultro 512GB, etc.

Valid until 30 Jun 2024 - See more details below
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Why Allianz Travel Insurance?

Allianz Travel provides coverage for overseas medical expenses, travel cancellation and loss/damage of baggage and personal effects. Moreover, it provides the following perks, giving you and your family the protection needed on your vacation from unforeseen circumstances:

Automatic COVID-19 Cover

Allianz Travel comes with COVID-19 cover, providing coverage from medical expenses to overseas hospital daily cash and from emergency medical assistance to cancellation of journey, giving you peace of mind in case of any disruption to your trip because of Covid-19.

Extensive Coverage

Allianz Travel provides coverage even for air miles & loyalty card points , travel delay allowance after only 5 hours (less than the threshold set by other travel insurance provider), and also theft of mobile devices - which are not always covered by other travel insurance products.

24/7 Emergency Assistance Services

If you need any emergency assistance, Allianz has got you covered no matter which time zone you are in. In this way, you can always reach out should you need advice on your travel insurance.

Fast and easy claim process

Allianz Travel Insurance offers a fast and easy way for insurers to submit a claim - which saves insurers a lot of hassles down the line.

Single Trip Travel Insurance VS Annual Trip Travel Insurance

Which one should I buy? - Single Trip Travel Insurance VS Annual Trip Travel Insurance

Single Trip Travel Insurance: suitable for travellers who only travel occasionally

Annual Cover: for travellers who travel frequently.

Allianz Travel Insurance provides both and the Allianz Annual Trip Plan allows insurers to take an unlimited number of overseas trips over a 12 month period. However, each trip can only last for 90 days max.

What is the difference between Allianz Single Trip Travel Insurance VS Annual Cover?

Allianz Single Trip Travel Insurance comes with 3 tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold - with medical coverage starting with HK$1 million Annual Cover only comes with 2 tiers: Silver and Gold - with medical coverage with HK$1.5 million.

In terms of the coverage, they are the same. Both offer coverage on medical expenses, overseas hospital daily cash benefits, emergency medical assistance, personal accident and delay and cancellation, loss and damage with the following key features:

  • Cancellation benefits up to HK$ 40,000
  • Mileage and other redeemed ticket are covered in case of cancellation
  • Medical expenses up to HK$2,000,000
  • Terrorist attack coverage
  • Mobile loss due to theft is covered

Should I get Allianz Annual Cover or Single Trip Cover?

If you compare the cost of Allianz Annual & Single travel insurance plans, you will find that the cost of the Annual Plan - Bronze is on average almost 6 times more expensive than the Single Cover.

In other words, you will only benefit financially from getting an Annual Travel Insurance if you do decide to travel up to or more than 6 times a year. If not, it is cheaper to buy single travel insurance.

Pros and Cons

With that said, If you travel multiple times a year, you do need to purchase single travel insurance every time you go on holiday. If you buy annual cover, it can save you the hassle from buying travel insurance every time you travel.

How to Claim Allianz Travel insurance?

You can make a claim through the Allianz eclaims portal. To submit a claim, you can simply go to the Allianz website and click the button provided to be directed to the eclaims site and start the process of submitting your claim online. There is no need to submit manual application forms and post it or deliver it in person. Below are the steps to submit a claim:

Step 1

Go to the Allianz e-claims site

Step 2

Select claim type: flight delay, baggage delay, medical expenses, trip cancellation or personal effects

Step 3

Fill in a form providing policy information including policy number, travel details and claim details

Step 4

Submit documents

Step 5

Select claim payment method

Major Exclusions

As with other insurance policies, exclusions do apply to Allianz travel insurance and the major exclusions are:
  • Any Pre-Existing Condition
  • Pandemics or Epidemics
  • Pregnancy or childbirth
  • Any Injury or Sickness related to pregnancy or childbirth
  • Extreme Sport or Sport Activities including mountaineering or trekking above 3,000 meters
  • Sporting competitions
  • Professional Sports
  • Any loss which occurs in connection with the effects of alcohol or drugs
  • Bankruptcy of Common Carrier
  • Any losses incurred in sanctioned countries
  • Expeditions, manual work, missionary or humanitarian travel
  • Travel to countries which are known to be at elevated risk


Who can buy Allianz Travel Insurance?

Residents with a Hong Kong ID between the age of 18 to 75 years old are eligible.

Does Allianz Travel Insurance offer Covid-19 Coverage?

Yes, Allianz Travel offers COVID-19 coverage, providing cover for medical expenses and cancellation of journeys.

If my phone is lost while I’m on holiday, will Allianz Travel Insurance cover my loss?

Yes, Allianz Travel covers the loss of your mobile devices in case of theft.