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Promise Personal Loan 2020

Promise Personal LoanFeature APR
Promise Easy Loan Entire application can be completed online, and get instant transfer through FPS.4.49%

Why Promise Personal Loan?

As its name implies, getting Promise Easy Loan is made easy with more lenient requirements than most of the banks or other lending companies. There is no minimum income requirement but applicants need to be at least 18 years old Hong Kong permanent resident. The entire process can be done online, and the loan will be disbursed within 30 minutes once approved.

You can apply for a loan for up to HK$100,000 simply with your HKID and mobile number. You may be eligible to borrow more if you provide income and residential proof. Moreover, the repayment period is more flexible, from 3 months to 84 months, while the APR is between 4.49% to 59.26%, depending on your loan amount and profile. Applicants can make early repayment or repay more than agreed with no penalty, and the interest will be adjusted accordingly.

Promise Personal Loan Offers and Promotions

New customers can enjoy HK$3,500 cash reward if the loan amount reaches over HK$200,000. If you borrow HK$150,001 to HK$200,000, you can get HK$2000. For loan amount between HK$70,001 to $150,000, you can enjoy HK$1,000 cash rewards and for loan amount between HK$70,001 to $150,000, you can also get HK$500. Customers need to visit the branch in person to claim the rewards.

Promise Personal Loan Fee

You don’t have to pay for any handling fee for loan applications. However, if you fail to keep up with your monthly payment, you will be charged daily interest on the outstanding loan balance and HK$100 administration fee. You can repay extra funds or full funds than the agreed amount or time frame at any point with no additional charges or penalties.

Promise Personal Loan Hotline

Applicants can contact Promise customer service representative at 3199 1199 during office hours (Mon-Fri: 9:00am-7:00pm). Existing customers can call their 24-hour member hotline at 3199 1111.


Can I apply for Promise personal loan without income proof?

While it's possible to get a loan without income proof, the loan amount will be capped at HK$100,000. If you would like to borrow more, income and residential proof are required.

What documents are required to apply for a personal loan?

You need to be at least 18 years old Hong Kong permanent resident in order to apply for a personal loan. You need to provide the following documents as well:

  • Hong Kong ID card
  • Bank statement or ATM card (with the name of the account holder and account number)
  • Residential proof
  • Proof of income
  • Working visa (for non-HK Permanent ID cardholder)
  • How is the interest rate calculated?

    Promise personalises interest rates ranging from 4.49% to 59.26%, depending on your profile.

    How long does it take for loan application?

    The entire process can be done online, and the loan will be disbursed within 30 minutes once approved.

    Can I increase my monthly repayment amount?

    Yes. You can repay extra funds or fully settle your loan earlier than the agreed time frame with no additional charges or penalties.