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Interactive Brokers

Min. Funding


Min. Funding
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Min. Commission Fee US Stocks
Min. Commission Fee HK Stocks
Min. Funding
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・Transparent and low rates; investors could choose between fixed rate commission pricing and tiered pricing
・US$0.0035 Min. Commission Fee US Stocks
・0.015% Min. Commission Fee HK Stocks
Valid until 30 Jun 2024 - See more details below
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About Interactive Brokers (IB)

Founded in 1993, Interactive Brokers (also known as IB) has been committed to providing an investment platform for investors to invest globally with low commissions and financing rates and the best price execution. It has been crowned as the Best Online Broker for four years in a row by Barron's, which is a testimonial of its outstanding service.

As the largest brokerage in the US, Interactive Brokers provides an integrated account for investors to buy stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds and funds. If you are looking for an integrated platform to buy foreign shares, Interactive Brokers can be a good option. Rest assured that your investment through Interactive Brokers is protected as your IB account set up in Hong Kong is regulated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA).

Interactive Brokers Commissions

For commissions, there are two types of pricing namely tiered and fixed at Interactive Brokers. Investors can choose the pricing that suits their investment strategy the most. Details are as follows:

Tiered Pricing

  • US Stock:
    • Min: US$0.35 per order
    • Max: 1% of trade value
  • HK Stock: 0.015%-0.08% of trade value

Fixed Pricing

  • US Stock: US$0.005 per share
    • Min: US$1 per order
    • Max: 1% of trade value
  • HK Stock: 0.08% of trade value
    • Min: US$18 per order
    • Max: N/A

IBKR Desktop Key Features

IBKR Desktop is the latest desktop trading platform launched by Interactive Brokers, which allows users to use this app to do trading, and research and analytics of stocks, options, futures on 150 markets worldwide. Whether you are an investment beginner or a pro, IBKR Desktop aims to deliver a seamless trading experience for you.

Interactive Brokers also values customer feedback. If you have any opinions regarding the app, you can contact Interactive Brokers via "Feedback and Suggestions" on the left navigational panel.


  • Rapid order
  • Chart orders
  • Option lattice
  • Order presets

Research and Analytics

  • Market screeners with MultiSort function
  • Comprehensive news and research
  • Multi-chart mode available
  • Option analytics

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Interactive Brokers Fees & Charges

Fees & ChargesHK StocksUS Stocks
Maintenance fee (if account balance is less than the minimum requirement i.e. US$100,000)US$10 US$10
IPO Subscription Fee• Brokerage Fee: 1% of any successful allocation of shares • Application Processing Fee: HK$100N/A
Real-time Streaming Market Data FeeHong Kong Securities Exchange (Stocks, Warrants & Bonds) Depth of Book (L2): HK$ 200US Securities Snapshot and Futures Value Bundle: US$10
Wire Transfer• Deposit Funds: 1% (Min.: US$50) • ACATS: Free
  • Deposit Funds: 1% (Min.: US$50)
  • ACATS: Free
Withdrawal Fee• 1 free withdrawal request per calendar month • After the first withdrawal, US$95 will be charged for each withdrawal.
  • One free withdrawal request per calendar month.

    After the first withdrawal, US$95 will be charged for each withdrawal.

Interactive Brokers vs TD Ameritrade

Interactive Brokers vs TD AmeritradeInteractive BrokersTD Ameritrade
Suitable for• Professional investors • Long-term investorsInvestors with little funds
Features• Comprehensive portfolio analysis reports available • Low bid-ask spreadLow costs
ProductsStocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds and funds around the world (Hong Kong stocks and US stocks included)Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, ETF, options and futures
Account MinimumsN/AN/A
Commissions• US Stocks: US$ 0.35 per order (Max: 1% of trade value) • HK Stocks: 0.015% - 0.08% of trade value • Investors can choose between tiered or fixed pricingFree (for international account)

Open your Interactive Brokers account today!

Want to trade stocks, options, currencies all over the world like a pro? Open your Interactive Brokers account as the first step!

How to Open an Interactive Brokers Account?

You can open an interactive brokers account online using your laptop or mobile phone. The entire process can be done online in 10 minutes or do. All you have to do is to enter your personal details and link it to your bank account, then you can start trading. Details are as follows:

Step 1

Visit the IB website, and click sign up to begin the registering process. Then, choose your account type, before creating a username and password to set up an account.

Step 2

Choose your place of residence

Step 3

Verify your email address then login to your IB account

Step 4

Enter your personal details and tax information

Step 5

Confirm your trading options

Step 6

Submit W-8BEN (if applicable)

Step 7

Upload your proof of identity and address

Step 8

Submit and wait for approval

Step 9

Fund your account and start trading!

How to fund your Interactive Brokers account?

Hong Kong dollars:

  • FPS
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cheque

US dollars

  • ACH
  • Wire Transfer

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Interactive Brokers Hong Kong Address

Suite 1512, Two Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Interactive Brokers HK Hotline

(852) 2156 7907


Is Interactive Brokers account considered as an offshore account?

No, it is not as the funds are still within the Hong Kong banking’s system.

Am I eligible to open an Interactive Brokers account?

As long as you are a Hong Kong resident aged 18 or above, you are eligible to apply for an Interactive Brokers account.