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Monthly Payment


Monthly Payment
Income proof free for designated loan amount
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Total Interest Payable
Monthly Payment
New customer who successfully apply can get HK$300 supermarket cash coupon! Skip Proof of Income and Address, enhanced A.I. instant approval more to your needs!
Valid until 04 Jan 2021 - See T&Cs below
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Monthly Payment
3 tailored repayment plans suggestion
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WeLend A.I. precisely calculates the best interest-saving repayment plan with precision. Clear all your debts and get Extra Cash instantly! Selected customer will can receive a SE Phone upon successful draw down.
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WeLend Personal Loan

WeLend Personal Loan PlansFeatures APR
WeLend Personal LoanInstant approval and immediate cash deliveryas low as 1.99%
WeLend Card Debt Consolidation LoanTailored made plans for applicantsas low as 4.33%

WeLend Personal Loan Features

No-Doc Loan

For loan amounts of or under HK$100,000, income proof and address proof are not required.


With enhanced A.I., WeLend can provide instant credit assessment with real time quotation.


Once application is confirmed, applicants can enjoy instant approval with immediate cash delivery.


Enhanced A.I. provides immediate solutions 24 hours a day.

Instant deposit via Faster Payment System

Loan deposit will be done instantly through Faster Payment System (FPS).

What is WeLend?

WeLend is Hong Kong’s first online lending platform with a mission to revolutionize traditional lending services since 2013. WeLend features:

1. Lower effective rate

WeLend is a solely online operator which can save a lot of costs on operation allowing customers to enjoy competitive interest rates and other benefits.

2. Ground Breaking Technology

WeLend adopts technology to revolutionize the traditional lending services to improve customer’s lending experiences e.g. instant approval and instant disbursement.

3. Rigorous Data Risk Management

With the use of technology, WeLend analyses big data and automatically assesses the degree of risk for instant quotation online.

4. Safe CyberSecurity

With comprehensive system security and monitoring measures, customer privacy is well protected.

How to Apply For WeLend Loan?

You can apply for WeLend Loan in 4 simple steps:

Step 1

Apply anytime anywhere online

Step 2

Upload required documents

Step 3

Enjoy Instant approval

Step 4

Identify Verification and disbursement

WeLend Loan Application Required Documents:

The following documents are required during the Welend Personal Loan application process for loan amount HK$100,000 or above:

  • HKID
  • Disbursement account proof
  • Proof of address
  • Income Proof
  • Fixed Salary : last 1 month
  • Commission based Salary: last 3 months
  • Real Estate Industry: last 6 months

WeLend Personal Loan FAQ

Are WeLend and WeLab related?

Yes. They are. WeLend is Hong Kong’s first online lending platform founded by Asia’s leading fintech group – WeLab.

How much WeLend can offer? What is the repayment period like?

WeLend provides loan amounts up to $600,000. It can be repaid between 14 days to as long as 60 months.

How long does it take for a WeLend personal loan to be approved?

Once application is confirmed, applicants can enjoy instant approval with immediate cash disbursement.

Can Hong Kong overseas workers apply for WeLend loan?

Only Hong Kong permanent resident who is at least 18 years of age with monthly income of at least HK$8,000 can apply for WeLend loan.

Who is eligible to apply for WeLend personal loan?

Applicant must be Hong Kong permanent resident who is at least 18 years of age and must fulfill below two requirements:

  • Stable employment: Employment at current job for at least 2 months
  • Repayment Ability: Monthly income of at least HK$8,000

What fees does WeLend charge for loan application?

With an aim of minimising any costs associated with loan application, WeLend does not charge any application fees. Also, WeLend does not impose any interest penalties on late repayment, but a HK$350 penalty fee will be applied.

What are the methods of repayments?

The easiest way to make repayment to Welend Personal Loan is through Direct Debit. All customers are required to set up Direct Debit Authorization for repayment.

How to settle loan payment early?

Customers can inform WeLend at least 30 days in advance via WhatsApp at 3706-9120 or email to [email protected] to make early repayment.

How can WeLend Personal Loan help my bad credit score?

WeLend Card Debt Consolidation Loan can clear your outstanding debt altogether. If your debt can be cleared faster, your credit rating will be improved accordingly.