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Traveling to Japan 28 Sep 2023 - 02 Oct 2023
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15% OffPremiumHK$215
Overseas Medical Expenses
Trip Cancellation
Loss/Damage of Baggage
PremiumHK$21515% Off
藍十字(亞太) logo



15% OffPremiumHK$153
Overseas Medical Expenses
Trip Cancellation
Loss/Damage of Baggage
PremiumHK$15315% Off

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Key Features of Blue Cross Travel Insurance:

Extensive Coverage

Blue Cross Travel Insurance provides up to HK$1,200,000 medical expenses benefit and personal accident benefit.

It also covers follow-up medical expenses incurred within 90 days after returning to Hong Kong even for treatments rendered by a Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Most leisure and non-professional sports activities are covered including winter sports such as skiing, diving, parachuting, bungee jumping, hiking, and all water sports. Single-trip Cover even provides a cruise plan.

Cover Cancellation of Local Tour

In the event of closure of the tourist spot as a result of unpredictable serious damage or closure of the local tour operator, irrecoverable prepaid cost will be covered.

Cover Trip Interruption

If the insured fails to board the public conveyance due to overbooking, Blue Cross Travel Insurance will cover additional accommodation and meal expenses. If accommodation or vehicle rental service providers are closed, special allowance for getting alternative services will be provided.

Cover Trip Cancellation

If the insured child is required to attend a rescheduled school interview or public exam arranged by Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority which coincides with the scheduled travel period, the trip cancellation costs incurred of the insured child and the insured person (who is a parent and a travel companion at the same time) will be covered.

Cover Baggage

Damages to baggage, personal property and electronic gadgets such as mobile phone, laptop computer, tablet computer will be covered, which makes the plan unique as not all Travel Insurance in the market provide electronic gadgets coverage.

Blue Cross Travel Insurance Comparison

Blue Cross Travel Insurance Maximum Compensation Select PlanPremier Plan
Medical Expenses BenefitHK$600,000HK$1,200,000
Overseas Hospital Cash AllowanceHK$5,000HK$12,000
Personal Accident BenefitHK$600,000HK$1,200,000
Trip Cancellation BenefitHK$10,000HK$50,000
Trip CurtailmentHK$25,000HK$50,000
Cancellation of Local TourHK$2,500HK$5,000
Travel Delay Benefit
  • Cash Allowance:HK$900
  • Public conveyance expenses
  • for delayed
  • departure:HK$2,500
  • Overseas accommodation
  • cost:HK$2,000
  • Cash Allowance: HK$1,500
  • Public conveyance expenses
  • for delayed departure:
  • HK$10,000
  • Overseas accommodation
  • Cost: HK$3,000
Baggage Delay Benefit - Cash AllowanceHK$500HK$1,000
Baggage BenefitHK$10,000HK$20,000
Personal Liability BenefitHK$1,000,000HK$2,000,000
Rental Vehicle Excess Protection BenefitHK$3,000HK$5,000

Blue Cross Travel Insurance - Claims Process

Within 30 days after the accident, apply through the Blue Cross website or Blue Cross HK App. Fill out the travel insurance compensation application form, and attach the required relevant claim documents in order to submit a claim.


Is there any age limit for the applicant and insured person for Blue Cross Travel Insurance?

  • The applicant must be 18 years old or above. For a child below age 18, he or she must obtain consent from the parent or guardian in order to be insured individually.
  • For Single-trip Cover and Multi-trip Cover, the age limit is 6 weeks or above.
  • For Annual Cover, the age limit is from 6 weeks to 70 years.

Can I enroll in “Travel Smart” for business trips?

Yes, this policy is not only valid for leisure travel but also business travel restricted only to administrative and clerical works.

What kinds of sports activities are covered? Is skiing covered?

Yes, Travel Smart covers leisure and non-professional sports activities including skiing and other winter sports, diving, parachuting, bungee jumping, trekking, and all water sports.

Is there an automatic extension period for Blue Cross Travel Insurance?

Yes, there is a 10-day extension of insurance coverage for unavoidable delay.

Does Blue Cross Travel Insurance have deductibles?

No, Blue Cross Travel Insurance does not have deductibles.