Best Business / Corporate Credit Cards Hong Kong

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Interest free period
51 days
Cash back (local spending)
Miles Conversion (local spend)
$7 = 1 Mile
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American Express logo
Interest free period
51 Days
Cash back (local spending)
Miles Conversion (local spend)
$10 = 1 mile
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Best Business Card/ Corporate Card 2019

American Express Cathay Pacific Elite Corporate Card: Every HK$10 spend on Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon = 1 Asia Mile, every HK$7 eligible business spent = 1 Asia Mile

American Express Gold Business Card: Every HK$1 local spend = 1.5 points, every HK$1 overseas spend = 2.5 points, enjoy annual fee waiver for the first year, with no pre-set spending limit

Best Business Card/ Corporate Card Features

Business cards can bring a lot of benefits:

#1Online Management tools

To effectively monitor expenditures, corporate cards offer online management tools and quarterly management report for the person in charge to monitor transactions record, keep track of the expenses for each department and each project, pay for credit card loans and browse payment history.

#2Interest-Free Periods

Interest-free period may last from 50 days to 2 months, which allows flexibility and enough time for corporate to pay off the total balance of the debt.

#3Pre-Set Spending Limit

The corporate can set a maximum spending and transaction limit for each corporate cardholder to effectively manage expenses.

Corporate Card Rewards

Rewards and discounts

Similar to personal cards, corporate cardholders can earn points, rewards, and miles for each eligible transaction. American Express Cathay Pacific Elite Corporate Card is the only corporate card in town that offers Asia Miles as rewards and American Express Gold Business Card offers points for cardholders to redeem the rewards they prefer.


Corporate cards offer business travellers a host of privileges which include complimentary lounge access, complimentary airport transfer. American Express Gold Business Card can enjoy complimentary lounge access twice. Holders of American Express Cathay Pacific Elite Corporate Card can enjoy a 20% saving on dining and a variety of discounts and special offers when abroad.

Business Travel Insurance

Some card issuers offer travel insurance benefits to card members for no additional charge. It usually provides coverage for flight delay or trip cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between corporate cards and personal cards?

Only authorised employees can use corporate cards to pay for their work-related expenses, which will be settled by corporates.

How to apply for a corporate card in Hong Kong?

Only registered companies in Hong Kong can apply for corporate cards. Some banks only accept applications from companies with a certain scale. Only employer, partner, owner CEO or Managing Director can apply. The application can be done online.

Can corporate cards be used for cash withdrawal when travelling?

Yes. Most credit cards support this function, but it is worth noting that handling fee may apply and there may be withdrawal limit.