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Compare AXA Best Travel Insurance 2020

Travel Insurance PlanSpecialityMedical Coverage
AXA SmartTraveller Plus Budget Plan (Single Journey)Free automatic 10 days extensionHK$250,000
AXA SmartTraveller Plus Economy Plan (Single Journey)Cover for amateur sports, including skiing, amateur marathon and snorkellingHK$500,000
AXA SmartTraveller Plus Superior Plan (Single Journey)Up to HK$5,000 cover for self-driving tourHK$1,000,000
AXA SmartTraveller Plus Economy Plan (Annual Cover)Accept renewal up to 80 years oldHK$500,000
AXA SmartTraveller Plus Superior Plan (Annual Cover)Offers family plan to parents and all of their children aged 30 days or more and under 18 years oldHK$1,000,000

Why AXA Travel Insurance?

AXA Travel Insurance gives you and your family comprehensive protection. While almost all travel insurance offers medical protection, AXA Travel Insurance has more extensive coverage, covering your medical expenses during and after the trip from guaranteed hospital admittance deposit to local translation services costs and follow-up medical expenses after returning to Hong Kong. The medical protection also covers alternative treatments such as Chinese bone-setting, acupuncture, physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment for you to choose the most suitable medical care you need. AXA Travel Insurance also provides emergency medical evacuation, compassionate visits and return of unattended dependent children.

Single Journey VS Annual Cover

Single Journey Cover is designed for travellers who only travel occasionally while Annual Cover is tailored for frequent travellers. If you compare the cost of annual & single travel insurance plans, you will find that the cost of the former is on average almost 6 times more than the cost of the latter. In other words, unless you are a frequent traveller that will travel up to or more than 6 times a year, it is probably cheaper to buy single travel insurance. If you opt for single travel insurance for multiple trips a year, you will need to purchase single travel insurance every time when you go on holiday. If you choose the annual cover, it also saves you the hassle from buying travel insurance every time you travel.

AXA Travel Insurance Coverage

No matter if you book a tour or travel on your own, you will also need to compare the coverage of different types of policy and pick the one that suits you and your family the most.

For single-journey travel insurance, your unmarried child/ children aged 30 days or more and under 18 years old can enjoy free cover if the details of the children are provided in the application form.

It is worth noting that the age limit applies to travel insurance. For a single journey policy, the insured person must be 30 days old or above. The maximum limit for the annual cover is 75 years old. This policy provides cover for lost or damaged personal belongings including computer and camera (applicable to Superior and Economy Plan) but mobile phones and tablets are not covered.

AXA Travel Insurance Optional Covers

For single trip travel insurance, your children are eligible for free cover. You can also upgrade the plan to enjoy enhanced children's cover to 100% medical expenses coverage and 50% accidental death coverage. You can pay for the optional coverage for the guarantee of hospital deposit to the hospital under Hospital Network in China if you present the China Hospital Deposit Guarantee Card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hazardous sports covered?

AXA SmartTraveller Plus covers general amateur sports and activities. The policy sets no limit on the depth of dive.

If my phone is lost while I’m on holiday, will AXA SmartTraveller Plus cover my loss?

No. Although this policy provides cover for lost or damaged personal belongings(applicable to Superior and Economy Plan), mobile phones and tablets are not covered.

How far in advance can I buy travel insurance?

You can purchase SmartTraveller Plus 90 days before your trip departure date. Benefits provisions for the loss of deposit and trip cancellation (applicable to Superior and Economy plan) become effective once the insurance is bought. Therefore, it would be wise to buy your travel insurance as soon as you can.

Will AXA SmartTraveller Plus cover my loss for overbooked flight?

Yes, SmartTraveller Plus will cover your extra accommodation and meal expenses due to overbooking of a flight. (applicable to Superior and Economy Plan)

Can I buy SmartTraveller Plus after I arrive at my destination?

AXA's SmartTraveller Plus Insurance Plan commences when the insured person leaves his/her place of residence in Hong Kong. Therefore, you will not be covered if you buy the insurance policy after you arrived at your destination. In fact, it is better to buy travel insurance earlier as SmartTraveller Plus accepts application 90 days prior to the departure date. Getting SmartTraveller Plus earlier before your departure will be able to cover your risk from unexpected incidents such as serious illnesses or travel alerts raised that may cause flight delay or cancellation before your departure. (Applicable to Superior and Economy Plan)

Does SmartTraveller Plus cover licensed diving?

SmartTraveller Plus covers general amateur sports and activities such as licensed diving with no limit on the depth of dive. However, please note that any kind of labor or manual work such as commercial diving, oil rigging, mining are not covered.