Best Europe Travel insurance 2024

Planning for your next Europe trip? It’s time to sort out the best travel insurance for your next journey! Read on to find out more about the travel insurance you should get for your Europe trip!

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Learn more about travel insurance for your Europe trip!

Skiing Travel Insurance

If the insured plans to participate in high-risk activities such as skiing, you should spend some time reading the terms and conditions in detail to make sure that the activities you will be joining are covered. The areas that you should be focusing on when taking out travel insurance are medical coverage, personal accidents and emergency assistance. In terms of medical coverage, the insured should pay attention to the coverage of overseas medical coverage and outpatient follow-up upon returning to Hong Kong.

For personal accidents, you will be compensated depending on the severity of your injury. Emergency assistance covers repatriation after treatment, compassionate visit, repatriation of mortal remains, advance payment of hospital deposits, etc.

Terrorism Insurance

It is not uncommon for travel providers to exclude terrorism in the travel insurance, meaning that no compensation will be provided as a result of terrorism. So it’s worth checking before taking out your travel insurance. If you want to be sure, you can also call the insurance provider to confirm.

Travel Insurance Covers Theft

Most travel insurance covers monetary loss as a result of unauthorized use of credit cards, and travelers’ cheques. Some come with excess - meaning that the insured is required to pay a certain amount of money before making a claim. Please note that in case of theft or robbery, you are required to report the incident to the police within 24 hours and provide the relevant report to the insurance provider in order to make a claim. 

Best Europe Travel insurance FAQ

Can someone under 18 years old take out travel insurance plans?

Yes, although not all providers accept it, but some do, such as STARR Companies TraveLead Supreme Plan. Some providers would specify some requirements such as the applicant who is under 18 years old will only be insured if accompanied by an adult or else the coverage will be subject to adjustment.

When should I get my travel insurance if my plane takes off at midnight?

Ideally, you should get your travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday. That way, you will be covered in case something unexpected happens.

Will I get protected in the event of terrorism?

Not necessarily. Not all travel insurance covers terrorism. It’s worth checking with your travel providers before taking out your travel insurance to make sure that you are covered.

How to get cheaper travel insurance?

If you always travel, it’s worth taking out an annual policy instad of a single policy as it is usually cheaper than buying a single policy every time. If you don’t always travel, you can also check out comparison websites such as to compare different policies and get the one that suits you the most.

What’s the best way to get travel insurance?

It’s recommended to always do your research before taking out travel insurance. If you are like most people, you probably don’t have time. Why don’t you leave it to MoneySmart to do the job for you? What you need to do is simply go to the MoneySmart website, answer a few questions and then we will suggest a wide range of travel insurance that suits your needs. Don’t forget you can enjoy exclusive offers if you get a policy via MoneySmart.