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200,000 personal loan Paid over 24 months
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Grantit TU-Free Tax Loan

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Grantit Non-TU and Express Personal Loan App

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About Grantit

Founded in 2017, Grantit is a Hong Kong-based financial technology start-up committed to providing customer-centric personal financing solutions for its clients. Grantit aims at simplifying the complicated loan procedures to make personal financing hassle-free.

In 2018, Grantit launched its micro-loan app to make loan applications more convenient. Grantit adapts technological trends into its loan services to help clients lead a financially stress-free life. With great popularity, Grantit has received a total applied loan amount up to HK$90 million up till Summer 2020.

Grantit Reviews

Applying for Grantit loans does not require checking TU credit report or even showing up in person. You can simply apply for Grantit loan through its mobile app. Once the loan is approved, clients can sign its contract on its mobile app. On average, it only takes 28 minutes from loan approval to money transfer.

Flexible micro-loans

Loan amount available from HK$2,000 to HK$30,000 with repayment period of 3-12 months.

Do everything on the mobile app

Clients can apply handle everything regarding the loan on Grantit mobile app, including application, submitting documents, approval, money transferral and repayment.

Only 28 minutes from loan approval to money transfer

Grantit uses facial recognition and artificial intelligence to make loan handling process quick and easy, making it more convenient for clients to borrow loans. It only takes 28 minutes on average from loan approval to money transfer.

Grantit Loan Amount and Repayment Period

Grantit primarily offers small loans. Grantit's loan amount and repayment period details are as follows:

Grantit Loans Loan Details
Min. Loan Amount HK$2,000
Max. Loan Amount HK$30,000
Repayment Period Up to 12 months

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Grantit Re-loan

Grantit offers Re-loan services for existing customers as long as you have repaid the required terms of your loan. You are able to check your loan status at the Profile tab in the app.

Grantit Loan Required Documents

  • Hong Kong ID Card
  • Address proof (e.g. an electricity/water bill and bank statement of previous 3 months)
  • Bank records (with complete transaction record of previous 2 months)

Grantit Hotline

(852) 2577 7117

Grantit Address

Unit 1701, 17/F, YF Life Tower, 33 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Is it easy to get approved for Grantit loan?

Yes, it is TU free and the entire application can be done on the Grantit app.

How long does it take for Grantit loan to be approved?

It only takes 28 minutes on average for approval.

How to apply for reloan?

Re-loan service will be unlocked once you have repaid your loan.

Can I borrow Grantit loans if I had been bankrupt?

Yes, you can still apply. If you had been bankrupt, Grantit might ask for extra information in addition to the general standards and documents required.

Can I apply for Grantit loan online via official website? Is it a must to download Grantit apps?

No, you can’t apply for Grantit loan on its official website. Downloading the Grantit app is a prerequisite to applying for its loans.