Best Thailand Travel Insurance 2020

It doesn’t take long to compare Thailand travel insurance with the cover on medical expenses, trip cancellation, and amateur dangerous sports. Compare now!

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Which travel insurance plans should I choose for my self drive trips?

MSIG Travel Insurance

MSIG iTravel Plus (Single Trip) Plan A provides up to HK$1,000,000 coverage on overseas medical expenses and post-trip medical expenses within 90 days from date of return to Hong Kong. For trip cancellation, it provides up to HK$50,000 coverage. Covers amateur dangerous sports and activities and terrorist attacks.

DBS Travel Insurance

DBS TravellerShield (Gold Plan) provides up to HK$800,000 coverage on overseas medical expenses and post-trip medical expenses within 90 days from date of return to Hong Kong. For trip cancellation, it provides up to HK$30,000 coverage. It also covers amateur dangerous sports with no additional charge.

Starr Companies Travel Insurance

STARR Companies TraveLead Extra Plan provides up to HK$50,000 coverage for trip cancellation. This plan also features up to HK$1,500,000 medical expenses coverage including in and outpatient treatments and amateur hazardous sports such as scuba diving with no height or depth limit.

Everything you need to know about Thailand Travel Insurance

Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations among Hong Kong people. However, according to the recent research conducted by an insurance company, it is also one of the most dangerous countries in the world, accounting for 23% of the total travel insurance claims. Thailand also tops the road accidents list. Therefore, it is really important for travellers to get insured before setting off. MoneySmart advises travellers to buy travel insurance with more coverage on medical expenses, pickpocketing and trip cancellation.

Medical Expenses

Self-drive tour in Thailand could increase the risk of accidents so as water sports. Most of the travel insurance provides cover for the costs of emergency medical and surgical treatment in foreign countries. The coverage is from HK$500,000- HK$1,500,000. Before getting insured, it is important to find out what is not covered, for example, the medical expenses incurred when getting back to Hong Kong.

Pickpocketing up to HK$6,000 Coverage

Pickpocketing and robbery are common in Thailand. It is important for travellers to get insured for the loss of cash as a result of pickpocketing/ robbery. The coverage is from HK$2,000 - HK$6,000 with AXA offering the least coverage while Bank of China offering the most coverage.

Terrorist Attack Trip Cancellation

There have been terrorist attacks in Thailand in recent years. It is important to get travel insurance with coverage on trip cancellation as a result of red/ black travel alert. In general, the insurance company will provide coverage from 25-100% depending on the travel alert that the government issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you buy travel insurance?

You should buy travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday. This is to make sure you get your trip insured in case of accidents.

Does travel insurance cover licensed diving?

Yes. Most Travel insurance covers general amateur sports and activities. Some set a limit on the depth of dive but some don’t.

Will travel insurance cover my loss for unauthorised use of my credit card while I’m away?

Yes. Most insurance products cover loss of money or unauthorised use of credit cards.

I felt sick while I was abroad but I did not consult a doctor. I only did so when I came back to Hong Kong. Am I covered?

In most cases, no. The medical expenses incurred after your return to Hong Kong are not covered.

I want to cancel my trip due to a recent tsunami. Am I covered?

It depends if your scheduled trip is delayed for more than 24-hour due to the recent tsunami just took place.

What is not covered in travel insurance?

It varies but in general, most insurance policies cover adverse weather, natural disasters and travel alerts. Many standard travel insurance policies exclude terrorist attacks.