Blue Cross Domestic Helper Insurance 2024: Compare Blue Cross Helper Insurance Premiums and Coverage

Compare different Blue Cross domestic helper insurance plans' premiums and coverage to find the best helper insurance plan for your helper or maid at home. read more
Domestic Helper Insurance Plan Coverage Period: 1 year
We found 3 Blue Cross Domestic Helper Insurances for you!
Blue Cross MaidSafe Insurance - Plan B

Yearly Premium


30% OffYearly PremiumHK$650
Clinical Expenses
Hospitalisation & Surgical Expenses
Fidelity Protection
Yearly Premium
Yearly PremiumHK$65030% Off
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Blue Cross MaidSafe Insurance - Plan C

Yearly Premium


Yearly Premium
Clinical Expenses
Hospitalization & Surgical Expenses
Fidelity Protection
Yearly Premium
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Blue Cross MaidSafe Insurance - Plan A

Yearly Premium


30% OffYearly PremiumHK$350
Clinical Expenses
Hospitalisation & Surgical Expenses
Fidelity Protection
Yearly Premium
Yearly PremiumHK$35030% Off
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Best Domestic Helper Insurance

Domestic Helper InsurancePremium (as low as)Key Features
MSIG HelperSurance 4.0HK$525
  • ​​Up to HK$20,000/ year repatriation expenses
  • Up to HK$10,000/ year replacement helper expenses
  • Up to HK$10,000/ year medical protection for abuse of your family (child/elderly)
  • New optional cover to cancer and heart disease
Generali Domestic Helper InsuranceHK$450
  • Protect against hospitalization and dental expenses due to accident
  • Optional out-patient expenses cover
  • No excess or deductible
Zurich Helpersafe Domestic Helper Insurance PlanHK$946
  • Up to HK$80,000 hospitalization benefit per policy year
  • Virtual consultation service is accepted
  • Replacement expenses can be reimbursed
  • Provides fidelity protection

Is Domestic Helper Insurance mandatory?

According to Cap. 282 Employees' Compensation Ordinance, all employers must take out helper insurance for his/ her domestic helpers with a view of protecting the employer’s liability against a helper’s expenses related to disease or injury. Also, an employer of a foreign domestic helper is obliged to pay for the medical fees and expenses for the helper. Therefore, in addition to compulsory employees’ compensation insurance policy, employers should consider getting comprehensive Domestic Helper Insurance.

Insurance for Helper: Foreign Domestic Helper Insurance VS Local Home Assistant Insurance

Foreign Domestic Helper Insurance VS Local Home Assistant Insurance Foreign Domestic Helper InsuranceLocal Home Assistant Insurance
Suitable forForegin domestic helpersLocal domestic helpers including full-time or part-time home assistants or postnatal care helpers
CoverageCover liabilities under the Cap. 282 Employees' Compensation Ordinance and the following:
  • Personal accident
  • Hospital and surgical expenses
  • Repatriation expenses
  • Infidelity of domestic helper
  • Domestic helpers' personal belongings
Cover liabilities under the Cap. 282 Employees' Compensation Ordinance
Is it mandatory?YesYes
PremiumGenerally higherGenerally lower

Best Domestic Helper Insurance

Domestic Helper InsuranceClinical Expenses (per visit)Surgical and Hospitalization Expenses (per year)
MSIG HelperSurance 4.0HK$200HK$10,000
Generali Domestic Helper InsuranceHK$5,000HK$25,000
Zurich Helpersafe Domestic Helper Insurance PlanHK$3,000HK$80,000

Domestic Helper Insurance Coverage

There are two types of domestic helper insurance plans, including basic plans and comprehensive plans. A basic domestic helper insurance only protects the employer’s liability against a helper’s expenses in relation to disease or injury. A comprehensive domestic helper insurance plan is considered as an umbrella solution, offering a wide range of benefits and protection.

Clinical Expenses

It covers out-patient expenses prescribed medicines and drugs from a registered clinic for sickness or bodily injury as a result of an accident. It also covers Chinese bone-setting, physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment.

Surgical and Hospitalization Expenses

It covers hospital confinement for surgery or treatment of sickness or bodily injury resulting from an accident up to the limit specified in the policy. Employers also enjoy the enhanced option to cover cancer and critical illness.

Dental Expenses

It covers emergency dental treatment such as oral surgery, treatment of abscesses, X-rays, extractions or fillings as a result of dental disease. However, if it is not an emergency such as regular dental check-up, it is not covered.

Personal Accident

It protects the domestic helper against injury and death during rest days, which results in death, loss of limbs or sight.

Repatriation Expenses

It covers transporting bodily remains to the country of residence in case of death or cover costs incurred to send the domestic helper home if certified as medically unfit to complete the contract.

Personal Liability

It covers third party liability caused by your helpers including accidental physical injury to others or accidental damage and loss to others’ property.

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Extended coverage items of domestic helper insurance

If you would like more coverage, a comprehensive plan is more suitable for you. Although it is a bit more expensive, it provides extended coverage which is more beneficial to you and your domestic helper:

Replacement Helper Expenses

It covers the re-hiring expenses incurred for getting a new helper such as airtickets and agency fees in the event your domestic helper is repatriated due to serious injury, illness or death.

Replacement and Installation Cost of Main Door or Metal Gate Lock

It covers the replacement and installation cost of main door lock or metal gate lock as a result of the termination of employment contract due to act of infidelity or repatriation of the domestic helper.

Hiring Allowance for Temporary Cover

It compensates an allowance for hiring a cover in case of sickness.

Fidelity Protection of Maid Insurance

The compensation for fidelity protection of maid insurance is usually between HK$2,000 and HK$10,000, protecting you from the pecuniary loss caused by fraud or dishonesty committed by your domestic helper, such as unauthorized international telephone calls. Some policies may even include the replacement and installation costs of main door lock and metal gate lock but this must usually be undertaken within 7 days after the termination of employment contract with the domestic helper. Fidelity protection is pretty common among maid insurance plans in Hong Kong. If you would like to get this coverage, you can consider taking out MSIG HelperSurance 4.0, BOCG Smart Domestic Helper Insurance Plan (Comprehensive Plan) and Dah Sing MaidSure Domestic Helper Insurance Plan (Comprehensive Plan).

Domestic Helper Insurance Exclusions

There are some common exclusions on helper insurance, including but not limited to:
  • Suicide or intentional self injury
  • Acts committed under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Strike, riot, or civil commotion
  • Injury due to war, nuclear weapons, radioactivity, or terrorism
  • Acts violating the law
  • Pre-existing medical conditions

Things that you should know about Maid Insurance

Here are the points to note when you buy your domestic helper insurance for your maid.

1. Domestic helper insurance policyholder must be the employer

The person who employs the domestic helper should be the one who purchases the domestic helper insurance plan. Otherwise, the domestic helper insurance policy becomes invalid.

2. Waiting period

Most domestic helper insurance policies do have a 2-week waiting period in place, from the effective date of the policy. During the waiting period, no medical benefits shall be payable. Therefore, it is wise to take out a domestic helper insurance plan earlier than later.

3. Basic maid insurance plan provides limited coverage only

A basic maid insurance plan doesn’t offer protection against critical illness and other emergencies/accidents that your maid may encounter during the employment period. With just a few hundred HK dollars more, you can take out a comprehensive plan with extended coverage such as Replacement Helper Expenses, Fidelity Protection, COVID-19 Protection, etc. That’s why it is wise to make use of comparison websites such as MoneySmart to compare the different domestic helper insurance policies available on the market before you take out a plan that suits you the most.

4. Pay attention to the insurance exclusions

Different insurance exclusions apply to different helper insurance policies. Some helper insurance may not cover pregnancy-related expenses or fidelity protection. Don’t forget to check the helper insurances’ terms and conditions before choosing the helper insurance plan.

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Does maid insurance cover dental insurance?

Generally, domestic helper insurance only covers emergency dental expenses for your maid.

Are there any current promotional offers for purchasing domestic helper insurance via MoneySmart?

Yes! You can now enjoy exclusive 30% off on your first-year premium for MSIG HelperSurance 4.0 with promo code “MSMART" and get 2 COVID-19 RAT Kits! (valid until 31 Dec 2022)

Is domestic helper insurance mandatory in Hong Kong?

Yes, according to Cap. 282 Employees' Compensation Ordinance, all employers must get helper insurance for his/her domestic helpers.

Does domestic helper insurance cover COVID-19?

Some domestic helper insurance provides coverage for COVID-19.

What is the average yearly premium for helper insurance?

The average yearly premium of maid insurance ranges from HK$250-800, depending on coverage and insurance companies’ pricing.

Is foreign domestic helper insurance different from local home assistant insurance?

Yes, they are different. Foreign domestic helper insurance does not only cover liabilities under the Cap. 282 Employees' compensation ordinance but also personal accident, hospital and surgical expenses, repatriation expenses, infidelity of domestic helper and domestic helpers' personal belongings.

What is Fidelity Protection?

It protects employers from the pecuniary loss as a result of fraud or dishonesty committed by your domestic helper.

Is domestic helper mandatory for local home assistants?

Yes, it is mandatory.

Should I choose a helper insurance that covers clinical visits?

Yes, you should. Your maids may get sick occasionally and need to visit the clinic. It would cover your costs if your helper insurance covers clinical visits.

Is domestic helper Insurance the same as Employee's Compensation Insurance?

No, they are not. Foreign domestic helper insurance does not only cover liabilities under the Cap. 282 Employees' compensation ordinance but also cover third party liabilities.

What is the waiting period for maid insurance?

Some domestic helper Insurance has a waiting period lasting for a few weeks, no benefit shall be payable within the period.

What is the difference between basic and comprehensive maid insurance? Which one suits me more?

Basic domestic helper insurance, as its name implies, only covers basic coverage but comprehensive helper insurance provides fidelity protection, replacement helper expenses, etc.