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Starr Travel Insurance 2020

Starr Insurance PlanFeaturePhone Protection?
TraveLead Travel Insurance (Single/ Annual)Extend to cover terrorism, amateur hazardous sports and rental vehicle excessNil

Starr Travel Insurance x HKTaxi Promotion

From now until 30 Apr 2020, customers who successfully purchase a single trip policy with premium over HK$200 will receive HK$88 HKTaxi electronic cash. What’s more, customers can earn up to HK$600 HKTaxi electronic cash coupon for annual travel policy with a premium over a designated amount. If customers spend HK$3,200 on Family Supreme Plan, they are entitled to get HK$600 HKTaxi electronic cash.

Why Starr Travel Insurance?

There is no age limit for the single trip policy. Parents or guardians can also enrol for children travelling on their own. The annual travel plan provides cover to any travellers up to 70 years old. The Starr travel plan is characterized by protection against terrorism, amateur hazardous sports including hot air ballooning, scuba diving, skiing with no height or depth limit and rental vehicle excess. Moreover, there is no copayment or deductible or cap on outpatient expenses or the total number of visits. It also covers medical expenses up to HK$1,500,000 with in and outpatient treatments included.

Points to note before you make your decision

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are one of the most important parts of travel insurance. It protects you if you need medical treatment. Starr reimburses the actual expenses for treatment of injury and sickness, including cash benefit for daily overseas hospital confinement, follow-up medical treatment extension, Chinese medicine, Chinese bone-setting, acupuncture treatment expenses and physiotherapy.

Age Limit

Some travel insurance imposes an age restriction usually for senior citizens but Starr travel policy doesn’t have an age limit for single trip policy. For the annual trip policy, anyone up to 70 years old can apply and it is renewable up to 75 years old.

Major Exclusion

It is important to understand the major exclusions before you decide to get insured. Starr TraveLead doesn’t cover any pre-existing condition, war, suicide, pregnancy, childbirth and professional sport.

How to make a claim for Starr Travel Insurance Policy?

Step 1

With Starr, customers can submit claims online through eClaims Service together with all relevant documents on Starr website.

Step 2

After your claim submission, you will receive an acknowledgment email.

Step 3

The department concerned will process your claim request.

Starr Travel Insurance FAQ

Does Starr travel insurance policy protect amateur hazardous sports during the trip?

Yes, it extends to cover amateur hazardous sports such as skiing, scuba diving and hot air ballooning with no limit on height or depth.

Can I get follow-up treatments after returning to Hong Kong from the trip?

Yes, the policy extends to cover all follow-up medical expenses incurred within the maximum sum insured within 90 consecutive days after the trip.

Can children under 18 years old travel on their own enrol for TraveLead Travel Insurance?

Yes, parents or guardians can apply for TraveLead Travel Insurance for them.