Everything You Need To Know About Hang Seng Mortgage

Hang Seng Bank provides valuation services, offering P plan or H plan. MoneySmart helps you to compare, choose and apply for the best mortgage.

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Hang Seng Property Valuation

Hang Seng provides online property valuation services for mortgage applicants. It shows instant property valuation but this service only apply to major properties in Hong Kong. The result is more conservative, so it should only be taken as a reference. To get a higher valuation, it is best to get more than one valuation but the process is often time-consuming. You can leave it to MoneySmart. We work with a wide range of mortgage lenders in Hong Kong and we can help you get a number of valuations easily. To quickly check the valuation of your property, you can try our Property Valuation Calculator.

Hang Seng P Plan Mortgage Rate

Hang Seng Mortgage PlansMortgage Loan SizeMortgage RateCash Rebate
New Purchase P PlanN/AP(5.125%) - 2.75%= 2.375% 1%
Refinance P PlanN/AP(5.125%) - 2.75%= 2.375% 0%

Hang Seng H Plan Mortgage Rate

Hang Seng Mortgage PlansMortgage Loan Size Mortgage RateCapped Mortgage RateCash Rebate
H Plan New PurchaseN/AH+1.24 P(5.125%) - 2.65% = 2.475% 1%
H Plan RefinanceN/AH+1.24 P(5.125%) - 2.65% = 2.475% 0%

Hang Seng Types of Property

Property TypesYes/ NoRemarks
New purchase of public housing without premium payment (green form applicants)MaybeLetter from Housing Authority required
New purchase or refinance of HOS flats without premium paymentMaybeColumn 3
Village houseMaybeFloor plan required
Property with building ordersMaybeOn a case by case basis
Mainland propertyNo-

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BOC Mortgage Frequently Asked Questions

  • What documents are required when applying for Hang Seng mortgage?

    Proof of identity, income proof, and address proof are required. For new purchase applications, applicants are required to submit the provisional agreement for sale and purchase. For refinance, applicants are required to submit a recent repayment record and current mortgage repayment information.

  • Does Hang Seng provide mortgage for properties with building order?

    It depends. Hang Seng may provide a mortgage for a property with a building order.

  • Can I apply for a mortgage without a fixed income?

    Yes. As long as applicants are able to show a recent 6-month bank statement to prove his/her income, it is possible to apply for a mortgage without a fixed income.

  • Can I apply for a mortgage without a tax bill?

    It is unlikely to get a mortgage from Hang Seng without a tax bill. Applicants are suggested to apply mortgage based on Asset Based Lending (ABL).

  • Why get a mortgage through MoneySmart?

    The mortgage application process can be daunting. If you leave it with professionals like the MoneySmart mortgage team, it will save you a lot of time. You can get multiple banks’ offers in 9 working days. Moreover, you can get up to 2.5% special interest rate and up to 1.5% cash rebate.