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Min. Account Funding


Min. Account Funding
Min. Commission Fee US Stocks
Commission Fee HK Stocks
As Low As HK$30
Min. Account Funding
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About Fulbright Securities

Founded in 1999, Fulbright Securities is a subsidiary of Fulbright Finance Group Holdings, which is a sizeable integrated financial enterprise with business spanning across futures and asset management.

Fulbright Securities is committed to keeping abreast of the market trends and offering clients with the most convenient full-range services from securities to stocks, and from bonds to funds. Also, Fulbright Securities believes that timely customer service is of paramount importance for clients to grab every investment opportunity.

Fulbright Securities Commission and Trading Fees

Fulbright Securities ChargesFeesCharged By
HK Stocks0.06% (Min: HK$30)Fulbright Securities
US StocksUS$0.0099/share (Min: US$0.99/order)Fulbright Securities
Securities (By phone)0.2% (Min: HK$90)Fulbright Securities
Securities (Online)0.15% (Min: HK$80)Fulbright Securities
IPO Subscription (By phone)
  • HK$20 (Cash)
  • HK$100 (Margin)
Fulbright Securities
IPO Subscription (Online)
  • HK$0 (Cash)
  • HK$100 (Margin)
Fulbright Securities
Grey Market (By phone)0.2% (Min: HK$90)Fulbright Securities
Grey Market (Online)0.15% (Min: HK$80)Fulbright Securities
Stamp Duty0.13%HKSAR Government
SFC Transaction Levy0.0027%SFC
HKEX Trading Fee0.005%HKEX

Key features of Fulbright Securities

Considering opening a brokerage account at Fulbright Securities? Check out Fulbright Securities' key features below to decide if it suits you!

Wide range of financial products available

It offers a wide range of financial products e.g. local securities, global securities, bonds, funds, stocks and Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect.

Competitive commissions and trading fees

Fulbright Securities offers free handling charges for IPO application in cash and it doesn’t charge any custody fee nor platform fee. The commission fee for HK stocks is as low as 0.06% or HK$30 and the commission for US stock is as low as US $0.0099/shares (minimum charges: US$0.99/order).

Capability to handle multiple orders

With over 40 Account Executive code and 200 Licensed persons, it can handle multiple orders at the same time.

Convenient and Fast Investment Experience

You can conveniently place your orders either on Fulbright Securities website or apps (TSCI). New customers can open an account in a day and start trading.

Free investment seminars

Fulbright Securities offers a variety of free investment seminars monthly, which are hosted by Fulbright's investment professionals.

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How to open account at Fulbright Securities?

Simply follow the steps below to register a brokerage account at Fulbright Securities and start trading! You can open your account as fast as a day

Step 1

Visit Fulbright Securities Website and select ‘Register’

Step 2

Enter your mobile number and then enter the SMS verification code sent to your mobile

Step 3

Select the type of account you would like to open

Step 4

Fill in your personal details

Step 5

Enter your bank details

Step 6

Provide your identity proof and proof of address issued within the last three months

Step 7

Submit your application and wait for the approval of account opening

Fulbright Securities Address

Unit 2608, 26/F, Wing On Centre, 111 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


Does Fulbright Securities offer HK$0 commission stock trade?

No, but it offers competitive rates:
  • HK Stock: 0.06% (Min: HK$30)
  • US Stock: US$0.0099/share (Min: US$0.99/order)

Is it safe to trade on Fulbright Securities?

Yes, it is a registered company (License No: AFB820) with SFC License Type 1 and Type 4.