Travel Insurance with gadget cover: Which covers your mobile phone?

Travellers may have experienced loss or theft of mobile phones which not only causes financial loss and inconvenience, but may also affect your mood (just image all the precious photos are GONE without data backup!)

Which travel insurance offers mobile cover? Not all travel insurance are created equal, and not all travel insurance with personal belongings coverage cover mobile phones. MoneySmart compares different insurance plans with cover on electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops for you.

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Travel Insurance Coverage for Mobile Phones - Is Your Mobile Phone Covered?

Although mobile phones are essential, policyholders should be aware that not all travel insurance plans on the market cover damage or loss of your mobile phones during the trip.

Policyholders should take note that some insurance plans already include coverage for mobile phones in their standard offerings, with no additional premium required. On the other hand, some insurance policies may require policyholders to upgrade and pay an additional premium in order to get the extended protection for your mobile phone loss.

Compare travel insurance coverage for mobile phones and other personal belongings

Mobile PhoneLaptopCameraPersonal Belongings
Generali Bravo Travel Protector - Classic PlanHK$2,500//HK$15,000
BOCG Insurance Universal Voyage Travel Insurance - Silver Plan (Asia)HK$1,000HK$2,500/HK$6,000
Allianz Travel - Gold Plan [for ages 0 to 54]HK$5,000HK$5,000HK$3,000HK$25,000
Dah Sing Insurance JourneySure Travel Insurance - Gold//HK$5,000HK$15,000
QBE Single Trip Travel Insurance - Gold/HK$6,000/HK$10,000
STARR Companies TraveLead Extra Plan/HK$8,000/HK$10,000
MSIG iTravel Plus (Single Trip) Plan BHK$2,000HK$15,000
Avo Travel Protection (Upgraded) - Plus (Area 2)HK$2,000HK$2,000HK$2,000HK$10,000
Avo Travel Protection (Upgraded) - Lite (Area 2)HK$2,000HK$2,000HK$2,000HK$20,000
BOCG Insurance Universal Voyage Travel Insurance - Diamond Plan (Worldwide)/HK$5,000/HK$18,000
AIG TravelSafe Insurance Plan (Worldwide Platinum)$3,000/$3,000HK$25,000
Generali Bravo Travel Protector - Premier PlanHK$2,500//HK$20,000

Tips for preventing mobile phone loss and theft while traveling

⚠️Stay vigilant at all times

To avoid having your phone or other electronic devices stolen while traveling, it's important to stay vigilant at all times. If you notice that you're being followed, head to crowded places promptly and seek assistance. Avoid walking while holding your phone or camera. In public places like restaurants, refrain from placing your phone or camera in visible areas such as on the table to avoid becoming a target for pickpockets.

☁️Make use of cloud backups

Losing your phone doesn't necessarily mean losing precious photos or data, but the prerequisite is that you need to have pre-emptively used cloud storage to store your photos. For example, the Google Photos cloud storage platform supports both Android and iPhone platforms, as well as Windows and Mac computer platforms.

🔍Utilize Google/Apple's Find My iPhone/Find My Phone feature

If you lose your electronic device or suspect it might be stolen, make good use of Google/Apple's Find My iPhone/Find My Phone feature. This allows you to remotely lock your device using a password, protecting your personal data.

What to consider when choosing your travel insurance with gadget cover?

Not all travel insurance policies provide coverage for the loss or theft of electronic devices

It's important to note that not every travel insurance policy in the market includes coverage for the loss or theft of electronic devices. If you would like to have coverage for the loss or theft of electronic devices, you can purchase the selected travel insurance mentioned above.

Police report required for claims

Many travel insurance policies require policyholders to report the loss of electronic devices to the police before making a claim. Generally, policyholders need to file a report with the local authorities within 24 hours of the loss and provide the insurance company with a written report from the local police together with other relevant documents when making a claim.

Coverage for accidental damage during travel

Some travel insurance plans provide coverage if the insured person's phone breaks while traveling, for example, due to an accident like the STARR Travel Insurance.

Document required for making claims for damage

In the unfortunate event of damage to electronic devices such as laptops or phones during your trip, policyholders should take photos immediately, which can be used as evidence, showing the extent of the damage. Additionally, policyholders must request a repair quote from the original manufacturer's service center upon returning to Hong Kong, which will be required by the insurance company for reference in the claims process.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my phone is stolen during travel, what documents do I need to prepare to make a claim?

In the event of your phone being stolen during your travel, you will need to prepare the following documents to file a travel insurance claim:
  • A written report from the local police.
  • Receipts for the lost or damaged electronic device, specifying purchase date, price, model, and category.

If I lose my phone/personal computer while traveling, how soon should I report to the local police for assistance?

Generally, the insured person should report the loss of a phone/personal computer to the local police within 24 hours. When making a claim, you need to provide the insurance company with a written report from the local police and other relevant documents.

If my phone breaks during travel, is it covered by travel insurance?

Yes, some travel insurance plans provide coverage for accidental damage to mobile phones or laptops during travel.