Everything You Need To Know About BEA Mortgage

BEA provides valuation services, offering P plan or H plan. MoneySmart helps you to compare, choose and apply for the best mortgage.

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BEA Property Valuation

Bank of East Asia provides immediate online property valuation services for mortgage applicants. However, this service doesn’t apply to all properties and it is only for reference and should not be considered conclusive. It is always more reliable to quote from more than one bank. However, this can be really time-consuming. To save time, mortgage applicants can consider applying for a mortgage through MoneySmart. The MoneySmart mortgage team works with a number of major mortgage lenders in Hong Kong and you can be assured to get more than one valuation service. You can also make use of our online Property Valuation Calculator to find out your property valuation.

BEA P Plan Mortgage Rates

BEA mortgage plans Mortgage Loan Size Mortgage rate Cash Rebate
New Purchase P Plan/ Refinance P Plan HK$2,000,000 or above P(5.375%) - 3%= 2.375% 2.05%
Below HK$2,000,000 P(5.375%) - 2.9%= 2.475% 1.80%

BEA H Plan Mortgage Rate

BEA Mortage Plan Mortgage Loan Size Mortgage Rate Capped Mortgage Rate Cash Rebate
New Purchase H Plan/ Refinance H Plan HK$2,000,000 or above H+1.24 P(5.375%) - 3%= 2.375% 2.05%
Below HK$2,000,000 H+1.24 P(5.375%) - 3%= 2.375% 1.80%

BEA Types of Property

Property types Y/N Remarks
New purchase of public housing without premium payment (green form applicants) Maybe Letter from Housing Authority required.
New purchase or refinance of HOS flats without premium payment Maybe Letter from Housing Authority required.
Village house Maybe House viewing and floor plan required.
Property with building orders Maybe On a case by case basis
Mainland property N-

Compare all BEA mortgages

Apply with MoneySmart to get extra cash rebate

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BEA Mortgage FAQ

  • What documents are required when applying for BEA mortgage?

    Mortgage applicants are required to submit proof of identity, recent 3-month salary record, bank statement and recent tax bill. For new purchase mortgage application, applicants are required to submit provisional agreement for sale and purchase. For refinance mortgage, recent repayment record, current mortgage repayment information and proof of residential address are required.

  • Does BEA provide mortgage for properties with building order?

    Bank of East Asia may provide mortgage for properties with building order. But it will be handled on a case by case basis.

  • Will mortgage application without a fixed income be accepted?

    Applicants without a fixed income can submit a mortgage application with the recent 6-month bank statement.

  • Can I apply for a mortgage without a tax bill?

    Applying for BEA without a tax bill is not likely to be accepted. Applicants may consider applying through Asset Based Lending (ABL) instead in this case.

  • Why get a mortgage through MoneySmart?

    Apply through MoneySmart is easier and cheaper. You can get up to 2.5% special interest rate and up to 1.5% cash rebate. In just 9 working days, you can get multiple banks’ offers.