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Looking to buy US Stocks? Compare Futu Securities Online Brokerage platform in terms of commission fees and charges and learn US stocks trading basics through MoneySmart. Read More
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Futu Securities Account

Min. Funding


Min. Funding
MoneySmart Exclusive
Dividend Collection Fee - US Stocks
Minimum Commission - US Stocks
Min. Funding
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First level gift: Enter the promo code 「SMART」before opening an account to enjoy a HK$300 cash coupon

Second level gift: Deposit a total of HK$10,000 and retain for 60 days can get: Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) - 1 share (Valued at HK$552)

Third level gift: Deposit a total of HK$80,000 and retain for 60 days can get:  Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) – 1 share  (Valued at HK$1,212)

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Valid until 30 Apr 2024 - See more details below
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