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Huatai International Securities-Zhangle Global

Subscription Fees (V1 membership)


Subscription Fees (V1 membership)
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Interest Rate (V1 membership)
Max. Stock Margin Ratio
Subscription Fees (V1 membership)

New users will be eligible to get up to HK$2,086 rewards after opening an account and make first deposit ≥HK$10,000 and retain for 30 days with promo codeMS23and submit the reward claim form via MoneySmart and fulfilling specific requirements.

  1. HomePod mini (Retail Price: HK$749) / HK$500 Apple Store Gift Card/ PARKnSHOP Voucher/ HKTVmall E-vouchers
  2. 1 share of Disney (Valued at HK$879) 
  3. Limited offer: subscribe to U.S. bonds at 90% discount to save up to USD 450
  4. HK$200 Fund Cash Rebate Coupon
  5. V1 3-month membership (valued at HK$24)
  6. Complete 1 transaction within 30 days can get V2 3-month membership (valued at HK$234)
  7. Account opening tutorial:

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