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LONGBRIDGE Securities Account

Subscription Fees


Subscription Fees
MoneySmart Exclusive
Interest Rate
Max. Stock Margin Ratio
Subscription Fees

New customers who complete the specified account opening conditions via MoneySmart, first deposit of HK$10,000 or above, submit the reward claim form via MoneySmart can receive up to HK$12,799 rewards:

  1. Successfully open account and deposit ≥ HK$10,000 and retain for 15 days to get the rewards below:
    - SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds FE (Retail price: HK$898) OR
    - Hallmark Design Collection 24"inch luggage (Retail price: HK$899) OR
    - HK$600 Apple Store Gift Card OR
    - HK$600 PARKnSHOP Voucher
  2. Choose 1 from 2 Up to HK$1,800 Cash Reward
  3. Chance to get HK$10,000 Apple Store Gift Card

4.Complete the specified enterprise staff verification to get extra HK$100 cash voucher (distributed by LongBridge) 
Terms and Conditions apply.

Valid until 31 Jul 2024 - See more details below
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