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Citi Personal Instalment Loan customises a plan for you according to your needs. The maximum loan amount is 12X or HK$2,000,000. Also, enjoy extra HK$4,000 supermarket vouchers for successful applications through designated methods.
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MoneySmart Exclusive
New customer who successfully apply and drawdown Citi Speedy Cash Loan can get up to HK$6,000 Cash Voucher + Extra up to HK$4,000 Supermarket Voucher!!!
Valid until 31 Mar 2021 - See more details below

Are you eligible?

    • Eligible for new customer(do not hold Personal Loan account offered by Citibank(Hong Kong)at the time of application)
    • Successfully apply within Mar 1 to Mar 31, 2021(both dates inclusive) and drawn down on or before Apr 15, 2021

What you need to know

  1. Selected: 
    HK$200k-$499k, get HK$1k
    HK$500k-$999k, get HK$1.5k
    HK$100m-$149m, get HK$2k
    HK$150m or above, get HK$4k
  2. For other:
    HK$200k-$499k, get HK$700
    HK$500k-$999k, get HK$1k
    HK$100m-$149m, get HK$1.5k
    HK$150m or above, get HK$2k
  3. Additional Reward for repayment period of 42 months or above: 
    HK$200k-$999k, get HK$1k
    HK$100m or above, get HK$2k
  4. Extra coupons applying via MoneySmart:
    HK$100k-$199k,get HK$1000
    HK$200k-$799k,get HK$2000
    HK$800k or above,get HK$4000
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Quick Facts

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cash voucher

Loan Approval Time

instant approval from Monday to Friday

Loan Disbursement

instant disbursement from Monday to Friday

Guaranteed Interest Rate?

Yes, but will also be affected by loan amount and repayment tenor.

Expert Tips

Citi Personal Instalment Loan offers greater flexibility than the other Citibank personal loans. It customises a plan for you based on your needs. Enjoy extra cash rebate for applying through MoneySmart.

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