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Compare Travel Insurance Providers in Hong Kong 2019

ProviderTravel Insurance PlanTrip Cancellation
DBSDBS TravellerShield (Silver Plan)HK$20,000
MSIGMSIG iTravel Plus (Single Trip) Plan CHK$3,500
STARR CompaniesSTARR Companies TraveLead Essential PlanHK$0
AXAAXA SmartTraveller Essential PlanHK$25,000

Travel Insurance Recommendations 2019

Which travel insurance suits me the most?

There is no such thing as the best insurance policy but there is a policy that suits you the most. Get it now!

How Do I Choose The Best Travel Insurance?

When choosing the considering travel insurance plans for your holiday, there are several factors to consider depending on your priorities.


How much your travel insurance costs depends on your destination and length of stay. Most travel insurance companies have 2 to 3 tiers of plans at different price points, with varying comprehensiveness and reimbursement limits.

General coverage

Instead of deciding solely by price, you should compare the benefits and reimbursement limits for common claims like medical expenses, trip cancellations, flight delays and baggage theft and/or damage.

Special activities coverage

The breadth of coverage needed largely depends on your itinerary. For instance, if you’re planning to go skydiving, make sure you get a policy that covers aerial sports. Or if you’re going golfing overseas, pick a policy that insures your equipment.

What travel insurance coverage should you look out for?

Buying the cheapest policy available is not always the best choice. Here’s what you should look out for in a policy to decide if it’s good value for money

Medical expenses

If you unexpectedly suffer an injury or sickness on your trip, this will cover treatment expenses incurred.

Trip disruptions

Look for a policy that is able to compensate you for any cancellation, delay or other disruptions to your flight. This will help to tide you over the inconvenience caused before you get on your next flight.

Loss of baggage and personal items

Losing your luggage can be a huge nightmare. Most policies should cover you for lost or delayed baggage, but if you are bringing expensive items along, make sure you get insurance for those items too.

Personal accident

This coverage starts even before you embark on your trip, and provides reimbursement should you encounter an accident.

Emergency medical evacuation

One of the most costly expenses you could potentially incur, you should definitely make sure this is included in your policy

High risk sports coverage

Going to climb a mountain? Decided to give skydiving a try? Make sure your policy covers you for the activity you are doing. Some policies only cover climbing up to a certain height so be sure to check the details of sports coverage first.

Making a Travel Insurance Claim

The process for specific types of claims may differ between Insurers. However, policies offered by popular insurers such as AXA, MSIG, FWD or AIG generally have similar Travel Insurance Claims procedures. Here are some things that you should take note of when making an insurance claim.

Fact #1

Do not wait too long

Most insurers will require you to make the claim within 30 days of the occurrence. Given that it will take some time to process your claim, you would want to submit your claims form as soon as possible.

Fact #2

Keep originals

Whatever you are choosing to make a claim for, you have to be able to prove it’s authenticity. This means showing proof on the following examples:

  • Receipts for lost or stolen items
  • Boarding pass for delayed flights
  • Booking Invoices from Travel sites for cancelled trips
  • Hospital or Doctor’s bills for medical claims
  • Police reports for theft

Fact #3

Get proof from external parties

Apart from your own documents, it’s extremely important to get written confirmation from external parties such as the airline you were flying on or the hotel you stayed at as proof of travel disruption, for instance. This will help to expedite the claims process.

HK Travel Insurance Tips

Here are some Travel Insurance tips that can help you select a great policy and give you peace of mind when travelling out of Hong Kong.

Tip #1

Check if you can make claims on flight delays that are caused by natural disasters, such as typhoons. You will not be covered if you did not purchase your plan before the typhoon signal is issued -- so buy coverage as soon as your trip is finalized.

Tip #2

Did you know that in certain cases, you can make claims and get your money back within a few hours? For example, if you get MSIG travel insurance and rent a car in Japan, you could make a claim much faster (just a few hours)!

Tip #3

A majority of travel insurance plans do not provide coverage on accidental loss of mobile devices. However, Hang Seng travel insurance and AXA travel insurance plans typically do!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Travel Insurance and how does it help me?

Travel insurance helps protect you from risks before, during and after your trip. Travel insurance includes Personal Accident Coverage, Medical Coverage, Travel Inconvenience as well as Theft and Loss of Baggage. If you are traveling overseas you should definitely get a travel insurance plan as it’s relatively cheap and can protect you from unnecessary cost and risk.

What is the difference between Single Trip or Annual Travel Insurance?

When you buy travel insurance you can choose from two types of policies - Single Trip or Annual Trip coverage.

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance covers you for a single trip that originates and ends in Hong Kong.
  • Annual Travel Insurance covers you for all trips starting and ending in Hong Kong. You should consider buying Annual Travel Insurance if you travel frequently (more than 10 times a year). You will enjoy significant savings, and you won’t have to worry about purchasing travel insurance each time you travel as you are automatically covered for the entire year.

Are Family Travel Insurance Plans Cheaper?

Most insurers offer cheaper premium rates if you purchase your travel insurance as a family. If you compare plans offered by the same insurance provider, you can generally expect to save 5% to 15% when you purchase a family plan instead of an individual plan.

Can I buy Travel Insurance once I’m overseas?

No. Travel insurance must be purchased before your trip commences. If you buy travel insurance after your trip commences and you try and make a claim, your insurer may not honour your claim. You should buy your travel insurance after you’ve booked your tickets as travel insurance also protects you from trip cancellation.

How do I compare travel insurance policies?

Travel insurance is a relatively simple insurance product. Almost all travel insurance policies will cover you for personal accident, medical and travel inconvenience. However, if you intend to rent a car, go on working holiday overseas, or plan on participating in underwater sports like snorkeling or diving, you might want to get a travel insurance policy that covers these activities in addition to the basic coverage. Compare Travel Insurance Plans on MoneySmart and find the one with the best price and coverage level for you!