Complete Guide to Tax and Tax Loans in Hong Kong

First time paying tax and not sure how to do so? Wants to apply for a tax extension?Did you know there are ways to earn rebates when paying tax? This Complete Guide on Tax by MoneySmart covers everything that you need to know.

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Why do we need to pay tax?

Tax is used to help funding government spending on public services such as medical, education, housing and the welfare system, etc.

When do we need to pay tax?

MonthWhat to expect?
May- June Individuals Tax Returns for 2019/2020 issued
June- July Return the Tax Return within 1 month from the date of issue on or before 2 July 2020
October Notice of Assessment issued
Jan next year 1st tax payment
April next year 2nd tax payment

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How can I pay tax in Hong Kong?

Payment Method Details
Credit Card Pay your tax bill through online banking or mobile apps by credit cards. Some credit cards even offer rebates for tax payment.
FPS Pay your tax bill through a mobile banking app or e-wallet that supports Government FPS bill payments simply by scanning the QR code on the IRD bills.
PPSPay your tax bill through the PPS hotline at 18031, online or “PPS on Mobile”. The merchant code for IRD is “10”.
ATMPay at any ATM with the “Bill Payment” signage or the “JET PAYMENT” logo and pay by selecting the “Bill Payment” function and enter your account number and payment amount.
Online Banking Login to your online banking, select bill payment and enter payment amount.
e-Cheque / e-Cashier OrderVisit the “Pay e-Cheque” portal government website, select Inland Revenue Department and the relevant bill type, enter the bill information and then upload e-Cheque in order to make payment.
Post Cheque needs to be crossed and made payable to “The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” or “The Government of the HKSAR”.
Convenience Stores Present the barcode on the IRD bills at any 7-Eleven Convenience Store, Circle K Convenience Store, VanGO Convenience Store and China Resources Vanguard Supermarket in Hong Kong and make bill payments. Please note that you can only make payments up to HK$5,000 per transaction.

Can I pay tax by credit card?

Tax payment can be made by credit cards. Some banks like HSBC, Hang Seng, Citibank, etc usually offer attractive cashbacks/ miles when you make tax payments using designated credit cards. If you want to get the most of these offers, please stay tuned to MoneySmart’s website. We will provide you with the latest information to save you time and money!

How Salaries Tax is computed in Hong Kong?

Net chargeable income RateTax
On the First HK$50,0002%HK$1,000
On the Next HK$50,0006%HK$3,000
On the NextHK$50,00010%HK$5,000
On the NextHK$50,00014%HK$7,000
Remainder 17%

Who has to pay tax? Do expats need to pay tax in Hong Kong?

An employee is subject to salaries tax if his or her salary is sourced in Hong Kong, even for non-residents or non-permanent residents.

What can I do if I do not have enough money to pay tax?

If you do not have enough money to pay tax, you can apply for tax loan or tax relief to reduce the immediate tax burden.  Tax loan refers to loans offered by banks or lending companies to help tax payers to pay tax. However, there is actually no limit on how to utilize the tax loan borrowed. Some people use them for purposes such as weddings and home renovation.

How to apply for tax extension?

You need to apply in writing. Taxpayer is required to download and complete the relevant parts of the Form IR1121 and send it to the Inland Revenue Department by post. You can apply for tax relief on one of the following grounds:

  • Entitled to a new allowance 
  • Your net chargeable income is likely to be less than 90% of the net chargeable income for the preceding year 
  • You have assessed to provisional salary tax and have paid or are likely to pay for tax-deductible expenses
  • You have ceased to derive income chargeable to salaries tax
  • You have objected to your salaries tax assessment

Difference between tax loan and personal loan

Tax Loan Personal Loan
Application Period Between October to April next year 365 days a year
Repayment Period 12 months Up to 72 months
Interest RateLower than P LoanHigher than Tax Loan
Loan Amount 10-12x monthly salary18-20x monthly salary

Things you should know about Tax Loans in Hong Kong

1. APR

Knowing the APR (instead of interest rate) of different loan products can help you compare the costs of taking out a tax loan.

2. Terms and Conditions

It is important to understand that the special interest rate is only applicable to a designated loan amount and repayment period.

3. Promotion Period

Interest free periods are usually only applicable to the first few months of the repayment period but not the entire period.

4. Interest Rate will be Affected by Credit Rating

Interest rate of tax loan is lower than that of personal loan, but the final interest rate is subject to your credit rating.

5. Tax Loan is not only for Tax Payment

Tax loan is not only used for tax payment. It can be used for home furnishing, wedding, education, etc.

6. New Customers Offers/ Online Offers

New customers usually enjoy additional offers. What’s more, some lenders provide online exclusive offers

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Tax and Tax Loan FAQ

What happens if I miss the tax deadline?

If you fail to pay your tax on time, the Commissioner of Inland Revenue has the right to initiate recovery actions which include imposing a 5% surcharge on the entire balance of the demand notice, taking legal action, etc.

What is the interest rate of a tax loan?

The tax loan interest is usually lower than personal loans. For example, Citi Tax Season Loan offers as low as 1.78% APR.

What is a tax loan?

A Tax loan is a loan used to pay income tax bills and reduce the impact of penalties as a result of late or non-payment of tax bills.

When is the tax loan launched?

Tax loan is usually launched between October- April next year. If you don’t want to miss these offers, please stay tuned to MoneySmart’s website.