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Not sure which credit cards to get in 2020? MoneySmart lets you compare and choose the most popular credit cards in Hong Kong with ease and confidence.

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From nice welcome offers to generous rewards, get started by reviewing a few cards that stand out to us.

Extra HK$300 cash rebate

EarnMORE UnionPay Card


Min. Annual Salary


Cash back on local spend


Miles Conversion (local spend)

MoneySmart Exclusive: Successful application through MoneySmart Extra HK$300 cash rebateValid till 29 Feb 2020.
  • Welcome offer: HK$670 cash rebate or OTO Back Snuggle or Panasonic Air Purifier or Up to HK$90,000 Interest-free and Handling Fee-free Cash Instalment Program
MoneySmart Exclusive: Successful application through MoneySmart Extra HK$300 cash rebateValid till 29 Feb 2020.

Key Features

  • Up to 2% Cash Rebate for all purchases (applies to all merchant categories)
  • Automatic Add Value Service in Octopus Card also have up to 2% cashback
  • Access to 130 designated LoungeKey airport lounges
  • Buy 1 get 1 free ticket in UA Cinemas on Friday

Annual Interest Rate and Fees

Annual Interest RateN/A
Principle Annual FeeHK$800
Supplementary Annual FeeN/A
Fee WaiverYes
Minimum Monthly RepaymentHK$50 or the aggregate amount of all the following items (whichever is higher): (i) All finance charges and other fees & charges billed; (ii) 1% of statement balance (excluding all finance charges and other fees & charges); (iii) Outstanding Minimum Payment Due (when applicable); and (iv) Total over-the-limit amount (when applicable)
Interest Free Period53 days

Minimum Income Requirements

Local ResidentHK$0


Card AssociationUnionpay
Wireless PaymentUnionPay QuickPass, Apple Pay


Min. Annual Salary


Cash back on local spend

HK$6 = 1 Mile

Miles Conversion (local spend)

  • Welcome offer up to 2% spending rebate, earn extra 5,000 mileage if onboard JAL International flights within promotion period

Key Features

  • New customer is entitled to 2% rebate, up to HK$500 upon credit spending or Interest-Free Card Instalment Plan of first HK$25,000 with the card within the first 60 days after the card approval and issuance
  • New Customer is entitled to 5,000 bonus mileage upon successfully applying for AEON Card JAL MasterCard within the promotion period and onboard JAL International flights on or before 31 January 2020
  • 5% off at AEON on "Thanksgiving Days" on 2nd & 20th of every month
  • HK$6 = 1 JMB mile for local dining and overseas spending in Japan category
  • HK$7 = 1 JMB mile for spending at AEON Stores(applicable from 11 Sep 2018)
  • HK$8 = 1 JMB mile for spending in other categories
  • Entitle to enjoy 10% discount in the designated Japanese restaurants

Annual Interest Rate and Fees

Annual Interest Rate31.59%
Principle Annual FeeHK$480
Supplementary Annual FeeN/A
Fee WaiverAnnual fee will be waived if yearly credit purchase spending reach HK$30,000
Minimum Monthly Repayment4% of credit purchase balance and cash advance balance or HK$100 each, whichever is higher ; 80% of credit purchase balance
Interest Free Period

Minimum Income Requirements

Local ResidentHK$0


Card AssociationMasterCard
Wireless PaymentWireless payment
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HK Credit Card Offers

HSBC Credit Cards

HSBC cards feature an attractive rewards program- the Red Hot Rewards. This program allows all cardholders to collect reward points for eligible transactions with the earning ration of HK$250 = 1 RewardCash, which can be converted into shopping coupons, air miles or cash rebates.

Standard Chartered Credit Cards

All Standard Chartered customers can earn rewards for eligible purchases. Rewards range from Asia Miles (with the Standard Chartered Asia Miles card), cashback, or 360° Rewards Points. Cardholders can exchange points for vouchers at merchants such as PARKnSHOP and IKEA. Other shopping categories include electronics, lifestyle products, and travel.

Citibank Credit Cards

Citi PremierMiles Card and Citi Rewards Card are the signature cards for Citibank. The former one is a good choice for collecting Asia Miles with the earning ratio of HK$8=1 mile with no mileage conversion fee while the latter one offers many travel perks including up to 12 times of free access to the airport lounge. Moreover, you can earn bonus reward points for spending in supermarkets and department stores. These points can be redeemed for cash coupons, miles, or used to offset purchases.

DBS Credit Cards

DBS Black Card is famous for collecting miles. All DBS personal credit card holders (except for COMPASS VISA cardholders) can earn DBS $1 for every HK$250 spending, which can be used for cash rebate or other rewards under the Reward Scheme. But changes to the type of reward scheme can only be made once a year.

How to Choose the Best Credit Card for You in 3 Steps

There isn’t one credit card that is better than the rest. The best card for you depends on your lifestyle and regular spending habits. Here’s 3 ways to decide which card is best for you.

Step 1

Identify the type of card that best fits your lifestyle

Firstly, you want to make sure you are benefitting from the things that you spend the most money on. For example, if you spend the most on dining every month, it would make sense to get a card that maximizes the benefits you get from spending all that money eating out.

Step 2

Understand your intentions

It’s important to think about how you intend on using your card benefits. Do you prefer immediate cash rebates? Or would you prefer to collect and redeem Asia miles? Understanding what types of benefits you’d like is a major factor in deciding which card would be better for you.

Step 3

Consider the charges in the Terms and Conditions

Dig deeper into the card details to find one with the best overall value. For example, what is the expiry date for point redemptions? What are the international and domestic transfer fees? What is the required spending before you qualify for the sign-up bonus? These are a few of the important questions to think through as you shop for your new card.

Common Credit Card Fees

Annual fees aren’t the only type of credit card charges you might be paying. Many of these other common fees will impact the benefits you earn, so be mindful of them and actively monitor your spend.

  • Balance transfer fees: Charged when you move a balance from one card to another, usually 3-4% of the amount.
  • Late payment fees: If you don’t pay at least the minimum payment on your credit card payment due date, you may incur a late payment fee, usually HK$80-350.
  • Foreign transaction fees: If you love to travel, be cautious of this fee whenever a purchase is made outside of Hong Kong, as it is typically between 3-4% of the purchase amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hong Kong take credit cards?

Yes. Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay and American Express credit cards are widely accepted in Hong Kong.

Can I use my credit card in Hong Kong?

Visa and Mastercard can be accepted worldwide but cardholders need to be aware that foreign transactions fee may apply. If cardholders wish to pay in his/ her preferred currency other than the local currency, Dynamic currency conversion (DCC) will be charged in addition to the foreign transaction fee.

Which credit card is best in Hong Kong?

There is no single card that suits everyone. Card applicant should pick credit cards with different spending categories to earn the most rewards. For reward point credit cards, cardholders can exchange for cash rebates, air miles, coupons, and other gifts flexibly. Air miles credit cards are suitable for frequent flyers who don’t mind the complicated redemption procedure. Cashback credit cards are suitable for low spenders to get rebates directly.

Do taxis in Hong Kong accept credit cards?

Generally speaking, no. Taxi fare needs to be settled by cash in Hong Kong.

Which credit card has the best foreign exchange rate?

It varies from providers to providers. It is best to check on the card issuer’s website for the exact foreign exchange rate on the day of the transaction. To make your money go further, you should also consider other factors like transaction fees, earning ratio, etc. when choosing which card to use overseas.

Which credit card has no foreign exchange fee?

Most UnionPay Cards do not charge a foreign exchange fee. But it doesn’t mean that it’s best to use UnionPay Cards for foreign transactions. To make your hard-earned money go further, other factors like transaction fees, earning ratio, etc. should also be taken into consideration.