Compare Best DBS Air Miles Credit Cards in Hong Kong

Compare best DBS air miles credit cards in Hong Kong to earn frequent flyer miles, enjoy airport lounges access and all kinds of travel and flight rewards. Read More
We found 2 DBS Credit Cards for you!
DBS Black World Mastercard
MoneySmart Exclusive
Redeem various mileage points without any fee
Min. Annual Salary
Miles Conversion (overseas spend)
Upon meeting local and overseas spending goal*

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DBS Black American Express Card
Min. Annual Salary
Miles Conversion (overseas spend)
$6 = 1 Mile
Miles Conversion (local spend)
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Best DBS Credit Cards for Air Miles

DBS Credit Cards for Air Miles Benefits Annual Fee
DBS Black World MastercardLocal spend: HK$6= 1 mile, Overseas spend: HK$4= 1 mileHK$240,000
DBS Black American Express CardLocal spend/ overseas spend: HK$6= 1 mile HK$240,000

Why DBS Black Card?

Good conversion rate

DBS Black Card offers HK6=1 mile for eligible retail transactions. What’s more, DBS Black World Mastercard even offers as low as HK$4=1 mile for overseas spend, which is among the best rate compared to other air miles cards in the market.

No expiry date for DBS$

DBS$ will not expire. Cardholders can take time to collect points for a free air ticket.

No mileage handling fee

Holders of DBS Black Card are exempted from mile conversion fee, which can reduce the cost involved in mileage redemption.

Unlimited rebate

There is no cap on the DBS$ you can earn. The more you spend, the more you enjoy.

Exclusive discount on iGo Rewards

Holders of DBS Black World Mastercard are entitled up to 45% on iGO Rewards.

TravelShield travel insurance

DBS cardholders can enjoy an array of discounts and offers when purchasing TravelShield with DBS cards.

DBS Black World Mastercard VS DBS Black American Express Card

DBS Black World Mastercard DBS Black American Express Card
Welcome Offers Upon successful application of the Card on or before 31 March 2020, new customers can enjoy annual fee waiver for the first year and up to 80,000 miles (i.e. DBS$3,840) for meeting a specific spending requirement (i.e. local spend: HK$240,000 & overseas spend: HK$70,000) within the first 2 months after the card is issued. Cardholders are also required to activate the DBS Omni account. Apply before 31 March 2020 to enjoy annual fee waiver for the first year and enjoy up to 80,000 miles (i.e. DBS$5,760) for spending HK$240,000 locally and HK$70,000 internationally and activating DBS Omni account in the first 2 months after the card issuance.
Mileage Conversion DBS$48 = 1,000 MilesDBS$72 = 1,000 Miles
Travel perksExclusive 45% off on iGO RewardsEnjoy up to 9% discount on hotel booking on
Access over 850 lounges worldwide (US$32 per person per visit)Enjoy 8% discount hotel booking on
Enjoy up to 12% off hotel booking on 7% off hotel booking on
Enjoy 8% discount on hotel booking on Hotels.comEnjoy 5% discount on travel products on KLOOK
Enjoy up to 10% off hotel booking on
Enjoy 5% off travel products on KLOOK

How to Redeem Air miles?

Step 1

Click the DBS Omni mobile app, then press “Login”

Step 2

Simply select ‘Redeem Rewards’ from the left navigation and choose ‘eSHOP’ from the dropdown list

Step 3

Choose the frequent flyer program that you want to redeem from the list then click ‘Redeem’

Step 4

Then, you will see a pop-up message showing the conversion rate for 1000 air miles, for example (DBS$48 = 1,000 Miles). You can increase the miles you would like to redeem simply by clicking the ‘+’ button. You can also reduce it with the ‘-’ button. After you have selected the amount of mile you would like to redeem, you can choose ‘tick’ to proceed

Step 5

Confirm the details and click ‘Buy Now’ to complete the redemption

Step 6

Redemption completed. The air miles will be credited to your account automatically within 4-8 weeks

DBS$ Reward Scheme

DBS Black cardholders can earn DBS$ on posted retail transactions, excluding cash advances, balance transfer, insurance payment, tax payment, bill payment, etc. If you are a holder of DBS Black World Mastercard, you can enjoy 2X DBS$ for local spending (i.e. HK$250= DBS$2) and 3X DBS$ for overseas spending (i.e. HK$250= DBS$3). In general, for every DBS$48, you can redeem 1,000 miles.

DBS Black American Express Cardholders can enjoy 3X DBS$ for both local and overseas spending (i.e. HK$250= DBS$3). In most cases, you can redeem 1,000 miles for every DBS$72. There is no expiry date for the DBS$ that you earned on these two cards. Cardholders can take all the time they need to collect air miles. What’ s more, mileage handling fee is waived for DBS Black Card holders.

DBS iGO Rewards

DBS Black Cardholders can use DBS$ to redeem travel products ranging from flights to hotels and packages directly. With DBS Black World Mastercard, you can also get an exclusive 45% redemption discount. To book on iGo Rewards, cardholders need to use a minimum of DBS$100 and pay for a booking fee for each booking. So it’s better to wait until you have enough DBS$ to redeem your desired travel product to avoid being charged booking fee multiple times.

There are no black-out periods for the travel products that you purchase and they are all confirmed instantly. For eligible bookings, you can even earn airline frequent flyer points. To book, simply go to DBS Omni and select ‘iGo Rewards’ from the left navigation or go to the iGO Rewards website.

DBS$ Recharge

From now until 31 Dec 2020, DBS Black Cardholders can purchase DBS$48 for HK$180 with no cap on the buying limit. To recharge DBS$, cardholders either need to submit the application via DBS website or DBS Omni. On DBS Omni, simply select ‘Redeem Rewards’ on the left navigation of the apps, then select ‘eSHOP’ and choose “DBS$ Recharge” and select the redemption quantity before clicking ‘Buy Now’ to complete the redemption. DBS$ will be credited to the cardholder's account within 5 working days.

DBS InstaRedeem

InstaRedeem is a feature on DBS Omni which allows DBS card holders including Black Card users to offset the amount payable with DBS$ at any participating merchant. Simply login the DBS mobile apps DBS Omni and click the green InstaRedeem icon to redeem your DBS$ on your transaction. It applies to TravellerShield travel insurance in which DBS cardholders can pay with DBS credit cards to offset up to HK$200 off policy premium.

Travel Insurance DBS Credit Cardholders exclusive offer

DBS Credit Cardholders can enjoy massive discounts and additional rewards on TravellerShield travel insurance:

TravellerShield - Single Trip Travel Insurance

  • 45% off premium
  • For Gold Plan applications with chosen destinations as Japan, Taiwan or South Korea, each policy can enjoy HK$100 supermarket coupon with 2 or 3 insured persons, or HK$200 supermarket coupon with 4 or more insured persons.
  • TravellerShield - Annual Travel Insurance

  • 40% off first-year premium
  • For Gold Plan applications, each policy can enjoy HK$100 supermarket coupon
  • DBS InstaRedeem Offer

  • Pay with DBS credit cards to offset HK$200 off the premium by DBS Omni’s InstaRedeem
  • iGo user can enjoy HK$20 InstaRedeem for policy with premium HK$100 or above.
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    DBS Credit Cards for Air Miles Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I qualify for applying for the DBS Black World Mastercard/ DBS Black American Express Card?

    Applicants must be aged 18 years old or above. It is also important to meet the minimum annual salary requirement, which is HK$240,000 for DBS Black World Mastercard/ DBS Black American Express Card. Applicants are required to submit identification proof, address proof and salary proof at the time of application.

    Will DBS$ expire?

    There is no expiry date for DBS$ of DBS Black World Mastercard and DBS Black American Express Card.

    Will I earn DBS$ for my Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service (AAVS)?

    Yes. AAVS transactions are considered as eligible retail transactions for DBS$ Reward Scheme: For DBS Black World Mastercard, every HK$250 = DBS$2. For DBS Black American Express Card, every HK$250= DBS$3.

    Is there any fee for miles redemption?

    DBS Black Cardholders can enjoy mileage handling fee waivers for all the participating frequent flyers programs.

    How to collect air miles quicker?

    1. Make full use of the welcome offers. Both DBS Black World Mastercard and DBS Black American Express Card offer up to 80,000 miles within 2 months of card issuance.
    2. Make sure you always spend with your credit card. Don’t forget to apply for Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service (AAVS) to earn DBS$ on your regular day-to-day expenses.
    3. Spend with your DBS Black World Mastercard while you are travelling to earn the 3X bonus
    4. Stay tuned for promotions like DBS$ Recharge (i.e DBS Black Cardholders can get DBS$48 for HK$180) to earn DBS$ faster than the base rate.
    5. Don’t miss out on the bonus miles offered in tandem with participating merchants to rack up miles a lot faster than the base rate. Stay tuned for MoneySmart for more DBS promotions.