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HSBC Visa Gold Card for Students
Bank Promo
Up to $300 RewardCash welcome offer
RewardCash for spending in Rewards of Your Choice category
RewardCash Rebate
Up to 2.4%
Bank Promo:
Limited-time offer: up to $300 RewardCash when you successfully apply for an HSBC Visa Gold Card for Students. 
Earn up to $400 RewardCash when you pay your tuition fee via HSBC online channels with the card. 
Valid until 30 Jun 2024 - See more details below
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HSBC Student Credit Card

Full-time students from designated universities/ tertiary institution are eligible to apply for the HSBC Visa Gold Card for Students. This card offers perpetual annual fee waiver. Moreover, cardholders can enjoy a HK$300 rebate as welcome offer upon spending HK$600 or more in the first 60 days after card issuance. From now until 2 March 2020, cardholders can enjoy up to 2.4% RewardCash rebate for tuition fee payment. Also, cardholders can earn up to 2.4% extra RewardCash through Red Hot Offers in your preferred spending categories.

HSBC Student Credit Card Benefits


HSBC Visa Gold Card for students are designed especially for full-time students from designated educational institutions without annual income requirement. With HSBC Visa Gold Card for students, you can enjoy the following year-round rewards: 

  • 0.4 % RewardCash rebate: earn RewardCash on everyday purchases to redeem cash vouchers, cash rebates or miles (HK$250 = $1 RewardCash). 
  • 2.4% RewardCash rebate for eligible transactions: applies to online tuition fee payment, preferred spending category and online and overseas spending (registration required).
  • Complimentary offer in UA cinemas: enjoy snacks for free (2 soft drinks and 1 medium-sized popcorn) for purchasing two movie tickets.
  • Red Hot happy days rewards: HK$300 off via Apple Pay at Cathay Pacific app, up to 30% savings at Outback Steakhouse, Gyu-Kaku Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant, Mou Mou Club and On-Yasai, etc.


  • Entertainment: Enjoy 15% discount on regular-priced tickets and 5% off on popcorn and beverage at CGV Cinema
  • Dining: Enjoy up to 30% savings at Outback Steakhouse, Gyu-Kaku Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant, Mou Mou Club and On-Yasai, etc.
  • Lifestyle: Enjoy $30 off for single transaction at Eslite Bookstore upon spending HK$300 or above
  • Travel: HK$300 off via Apple Pay for transactions made via Cathay Pacific app

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How to apply for HSBC Student credit card


Eligibility Criteria

  • Full-time students from the designated educational institutions and holders of HKID card/ passport can apply.
  • For the full list of eligible universities and tertiary education, please visit HSBC websites.


Documents Required

  • Student proof: Copy of admission letter, registration from school or student card 
  • Identity proof: HKID card copy/ passport


Application Process

Step 1: Submit an online application form 

Step 2: Upload required documents 

Step 3: HSBC will process your application within six working days. 

Step 3: Upon successful application, the new card will be mailed to you within three working days.

Step 5: Activate your card online/ through card activation hotline at +852 3163 0688

Difference Between Student Credit Cards and Regular Credit Cards

Only HSBC Visa Gold Card for students offers 2.4% RewardCash rebate for paying tuition fee online. The maximum rebate amount is $400 RewardCash. From now until 2 March 2020, cardholders can earn up to 2.4% RewardCash rebate for tuition fee payment with HSBC Visa Gold Card. The promotion runs in 2 phases and the maximum rebate amount for each phase is HK$200 RewardCash, i.e. HK$400 in total for the whole promotion period. The card limit of the card is unlikely to cover the tuition fee. Therefore, cardholders are advised to add enough funds to the credit card in advance to enjoy the offers.

What are the most common credit card fees?

It is worthwhile to take a minute to understand the common fees associated with a credit card such as late charge, foreign currency transactions fee, overlimit handling fee before applying in order not to be taken by surprise when you receive the statement.

Minimum Payment

Minimum payment consisting of the total fees and charges due, 1% of the statement balance (minimum HK$50), plus overdue or overlimit due (whichever is higher), is required for each statement.

Late Charge

Late charge will be incurred if no minimum payment is received by the relevant due date of the statement. The amount will either be the minimum payment due or HK$230 (whichever is lower).

Local ATM Cash Withdrawal

Cash withdrawal service at HSBC Group’s ATM network in Hong Kong is provided free of charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the status of my HSBC credit card application?

To check the application status, you can call HSBC hotline and quote the reference number given to you after you have submitted your application online. For HSBC Premier customers, please call (852) 2233 3322. For HSBC Advance customers, please call (852) 2748 8333. For all other customers, please call (852) 2233 3000.

How much is the annual fee for HSBC student credit card?

HSBC Visa Gold Card for student offers perpetual annual fee waiver as part of the welcome offers.

Can I get a credit card as a student with no income?

Yes. Students from designated universities/ tertiary education, irrespective of their annual income can apply.

How can I pay tuition fee with my HSBC credit card when the card limit is too low?

You can do so by adding enough funds to your credit card to cover your tuition fee.

Can I earn RewardCash from paying tuition fee?

Yes, You can. From now until 2 March 2020, you can earn up to 2.4% RewardCash rebate if you settle your tuition fee with HSBC Visa Gold Card. The promotion runs in 2 phases and the maximum rebate amount for each phase is $200 RewardCash.